Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear husband to be,

Before our akad nikah ceremony, I would like to show you two pictures of me.

Taken 3 seconds after I had just woken up.

By seeing this suprafugly picture, I would be able to tell whether you are into me because of my looks(?) of whether it really is love after all.

The second picture I would like to show yo dear husband to be, is a picture of me after I just had my shower. Somehow, I personally think that I look more hideous after I had just showered compared to after I had just woken up.

But it's not up to me to judge which is uglier really, since you're the one who's going to be stuck with me until your dead.

So I thought I would for once, be sympathetic and make you aware of what nasty shit you're getting yourself into.

I hope you would still love me albeit the hideousness you would have to bear with for the rest of your frickin life.

Oh and if you even think, I repeat, THINK of marrying into other nasty shits I WILL CHOW YOU DOWN LIKE I CHOWED MY CHAR KUEW TIAU WHICH I HAD FOR DINNER THREE NIGHTS AGO.

Already loving you,

Your pretty wife.



haha said...

i think IF someone decide to marry you.then HE would be loving you ONLY bcause of yourself?hahahaha jk. :D
nak gakla try mcmni :p

ezral Sya said...

Haha tak oh i rasa muka yang paling #&%()#!@ adalah bila tengah gosok gigi yang jenis gosok semangat gila tu hahahahahaha if he still thinks you're beautiful masa tu, then that's love :)


PS: me thinks me is lawa after shower HEHEHEHEHEHE

Aika said...

luqu: do you HAVE to emphasize the if -_- well yesssss thats my point of showing him the pictures hahahahahaha.

sya: HAHAHAAHA MUKA GOSOK GIGI TAKBLEH LAWAN AAHHH.tpi gosok gigi sama2 cute jugak :D

ezral Sya said...

Tu la, macam, pernah tengok tak cerita Bring it On yang first sekali tu? ada scene diorang lawan siapa boleh gosok gigi paling lama, gross tapi sweet gila! HEHE

Oh one more. Today i went to the orthodontist and had two of my teeth pulled out, and my lips swelled, making me look like frankenstein's bride, apa dengan darah2 geli semua eeeeeew, terlupa pulak nak ambik gambar tunjuk kat bakal husben nanti hahahaha

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

ceLy. said...

hideous ke?
aku pnah dngar after mandi would be look sexy (?)
and kalo bgun tido..
depends kalo tade air liur basi sticking at ur face.
hahaha. XD