Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is what I do come 2 in the morning and I'm suffering from insomnia and I have only the laptop by my side

I hanged the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door knob that day. Just so that everyone knows I'd rather not be disturbed on whatever occasion or complications that may arise. I switched off the fan and looked around for the aircond's remote control only to end up reasoning with myself that it's probably somewhere under my little brother's stack of toys.

I switched the fan back on. After figuring why the hell it's still static even after almost 5 minutes of being switched on, I tried repeatedly switching it on and off again and again. The end result seemed pointless as I started to drench in my own salty sweat. I took off the sweater I was wearing, wondering why I had put it on minutes before. Deciding that the heat was too much for me, I grabbed the door knob and twisted it to the right.

"Locked?" I asked myself. I had since forever thought that my door can only be locked from the inside. By me. By only me. Now why do I find this particular situation unacceptable for a door like mine? I backed off and stared at my door. "Since when did I have a pink colored door with meticulous carvings on each four corners?" I wondered aloud. Not that anybody would hear me of course, since everybody is out for an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner at one of the local chinese deli.

But the fact that my door has undergone physical morphing within a matter of seconds bugs me more than the fact that I am at the moment, all alone in the house. I tried twisting it open again. but to no avail. I gave up and finally sat at the edge of my bed. That's when I noticed that my small single bed isn't my small single bed anymore. It is now a huge four poster bed with a ruby red cashmere comforter and almost 20 comfy-looking pillows all neatly stacked before the comforter. I gaped in awe at what my humble single one-pillowed bed with what was once a plain blanket had changed into.

"What on earth is happening to my room?" I questioned myself.

Almost as if carrying answers to my unanswered questions, I heard a loud creak on the floor similar to the sound that it regularly makes when somebody is walking up the stairs. I stumbled backwards, fearing for the worst. I silently tiptoed around the gigantic four poster bed trying to locate where my hand phone was. "The right thing to do now, is surely to call the police." I reassured myself. As soon as I saw my phone dangling at the end of the drawer beside the bed, I reached for it, almost staggering forward in the process. A look of dismay passed my face as I concocted a fable within me to ease the disappointment of the words 'NO SIGNAL' illustrated on the screen of my trusty hand phone.

By the minutes that have passed, I was able to silently calculate that the footsteps I had initially heard would most likely be 3 steps away from my now pink bedroom door. Almost as if hearing my thoughts, silence followed the last three steps. I know now that the anonymous footsteps had reached it's purpose of walking from the beginning. I scrunched behind the humongous bed, trying to conceal myself from the obscuring sounds that had lapsed into endless silence.

The emerging twist on my doorknob nearly made me jump as I braced myself for what is to come. The door swung forward, defeating the speed of light. The proprietor of the initially inexplicable footsteps was exposed.

And I did the only thing I could think of. I screamed.


syazana zahidah said...


Aika said...

nana its just a random story i wrote -_-

ceLy. said...

dramatic like always. -_-
haha. but cool mate!
continue it.

Aika said...

i iz teh queen of drama.no i cant write a sequel.its supposed to have an unfinished ending. HA HA.

.huda. said...

whoaaa!! its worth u taking BEN..
such an amzning way of writing bebeh,,

luv luv~

Aika said...

hudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ben bukan blaja writing pon oh. blaja buat poem je -____-