Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not a want, but a need

Pictures are interesting. So having pictures on your blog makes it more interesting. That means I have to put more pictures on my blog so that it will be interesting.

Penaakulan matematik. Or is it penaakulan mantik? What is mantik anyway?

I would really like to put more pictures in here but it's not like I have a camera that enables me to snap anything the whole time. just have my crappy..phone..camera. And it's so crappy you don't even get the satisfaction of camwhoring when you use it to camwhore. I need my own camera.

List of things that I REALLY need, not just want :

1. My very own camera of course. So I can express myself by taking awesome pictures. Or not so awesome ones. Well heck the point is I want my own camera so that I can camwhore period.

2. A new handphone.

My old phone is crappy and slow and just so..annoying. It's crappy. Whatmore reaons to buy a new phone do you want? Tapi sayang pulak nak trade bikus It's the most expensive thing I've bought with my own money. Well it's not THAT expensive like ribu ribu ke apa. But still, to me it did cost a lot of money. And I'm sort of emotionally attached to it. Hmm can't I just buy a new phone and not lose anything in the process?

3. An MP3. or an iPod. or better, an iTouch.

It's so boring during the journey back home on the KTM bikus everybody would be listening to their own music player and I would have nothing to listen to (reading books on a moving vehicle can give me unnecessary headaches) and thus that would result in me daydreaming while sucking in the scenery along the way.

Which can be very boring.

That's just about the three gadgets I want right now. I think this post would be very very long if I were to talk about what I need in terms of clothing and accessories.

I need to go shopping. Again.


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