Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For tonight

So I'm going to Kuwait's national day celebration(?) at J W Marriot tonight. This is the coolest thing about your father owning an Arabic newspaper company. He always gets invitations like this. I've always wanted to go but you know since I was formerly busy with school and now busy with college I didn't really have the chance to go. But since I started my 3 month holiday yesterday, WALLAH.

Usually mak was the one who accompanied ayah. But I knew that she would a million times prefer to stay home and eat plain rice with salted fish rather than the eat the weird dishes of the middle eastern. Ha Ha Ha.

I'll bring the camera if I can. See yah.

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najihah said...

wah..bestnya..ayah kau keje newspaper arab mane weyh..hahahaa..kene ckp arab la nte..waakaka..