Monday, February 8, 2010

One tree down, five more to go

Well to be honest arabic wasn't that bad. It's just that I have my doubts on getting 39/40. But if I do happen to reach 39 I will treat myself to a set of Nandos. HAHA okay pehal gila pathetic sampai kena treat diri sendiri.

Today's Lessons :

1. Don't wear black jubah with black tudung and black shoes and pergi jalan dengan penuh konfiden tengah tengah matahari rembang tengahari yang jadah haram. YOU WILL SWEAT LIKE A PIG. and you will smell worse than a pig.

2. Dont wear black jubah with black tudung and black shoes and masuk the examination hall and duduk and buat your exam sebab bila electricity terputus you will be the only one yang tercungap cungap(?) kepanasan and you will smell worst than a pigsty. PERGHHHH.

3. Just don't bloody wear all black on a hot day. Only people with no common sense do it.


I hope I can cover linguistics in two days. Two days man. Two frickin days.

*telan air liur*


W M Najib said...


lawak je

kau belaja mane?

Aika said...

hoho. dekat uia nilaii.

nawal said...

leson no 1. mmg lawak lah! hahaha!


Aika said...

hehh thanks nawal :]

ceLy. said...

all the best man.
aku pon tgh btungkus lumus ni. :I

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

well obviously wear white on a hot day reflects away light thus reflecting away absorbs heat... LOL
sorry ..ahaha..ahahahahaha....
im just brainstorming science:)