Sunday, February 14, 2010

Semalam, hari ini dan hari-hari seterusnya

Yesterday, I finally got to taste J.Co's frozen yogurt. There were three choices ; the single, the double and the triple. I don't really know what the choices represent though it wasn't like the yogurt was being scooped. You know, like one scoop two scoop three scoops? Ho Ho.

Well I used to think that frozen yogurt would taste, well to be honest I thought it would taste like sundae vanilla ice cream. Because when it's frozen and served like how it is, it kind of looks like vanilla ice cream with fruits and crushed almonds.

Which was a really inviting image mind you.


This is the single one. Mine, the double was double the size of that.

The fruits were really fresh and nice but the yogurt was too..masam.

Okay I know yogurts like are supposed to be masam and all but this was just a bit too much for me. Plus I'm not used to eating too much yogurt. Too much plain yogurt. My stomach agreed by making rumbling I'm-not-happy-with-what-you-dump-into-me sounds. I was lucky to not have puked.

On another note,

Tyah showered using my bathroom just now and she did some weird thing with the shower so that it shot little sprinkly showers instead of the usual ones.

My shower is so awesome.

And I really cannot wait for finals to be over. I would, without any doubts, enjoy sleeping and dozing off until midday for almost four whole months.

There goes my chance to find a decent man.



dont tell me tat u dont have short sem my dear tkoz?

aku jeles....


Aika said...

no i dont najihah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

ceLy. said...

same here. :P

Anonymous said...

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