Sunday, July 25, 2010


I like him.

No you don't.

Yes I do.

How do you know you like him?

I..don't know. I just do.

You can't just like someone like that. There has to be a reason.

Why must there be a reason for everything? Why can't I just like him?

Because everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything.

What if I say I don't know why I like him?

Then it means that you don't like him. He's just a normal crush.

No he's not. I wanna spend my whole life with him.

Yet you don't know why you like him?

I told you. I don't need a reason to like him. You can't explain love. It just happens.

No it doesn't. You love someone reasonably. For example, because he's good looking.

He is good looking I suppose.

So you're after him for his looks?

No I'm not.

So then what? His money?

No. I'm not that kind of girl. I don't go after people just because they're good looking and they have money.

Oh really?


Why, then? why are you so into him? I can't see whats so inviting.

That's because you don't feel for him like I do.

So I have to like him first and then I'll know why you're so into him?

It doesn't work like that.

How does it work then?

I him. End of story.

No it's not the end of the damn story. Why huh?


How can you like someone without knowing why you like them?

Like I said, love happens.

You've never even met him.


So it's impossible to like somebody without meeting them first.

Says who?

Everybody knows that.

No they don't. You know why? Because they've never experienced this kind of feeling. The kind of feeling that can make you just sit and think about him all day long. Even without a picture. Yes, especially without a picture.

What does a picture have to do with this?

Isn't it an acceptable social norm to look at your significant others photo whenever you miss them?

Yeah, so?

So I'm saying that, that's not the kind of feeling that I have for him. I'm not chasing him for the looks. I just.. like him.

You're not making sense.

That's because people like you just don't get people like me. You and your unthinkable logic. Why is it that there has to be a reason for everything? Is it abnormal for things just to happen?

Like what?  Babies that 'just happened' to be delivered by their mothers?

That's not my point.


What I'm saying is, that sometimes, you just kind of fall into things without meaning to do so. You didn't plan for it to happen. It just..did.

Like unplanned pregnancies?


You're pathetic. All you think about is love.

So what if I do?

There is more to life than love. You're acting as if love is the only thing that makes the world go around. Love is just something minor that happen a few times in your life. It's nothing important.

So that's your view on love?

Well, not really. But-

No wonder you don't get the message that I've been trying to convey to you all this time. You perceive love as something invaluable. Something that comes and goes. Something that doesn't last. Something you do not see the worth of.

That's absurd.

No that's not. That's exactly how you look at love.

No it's not. I'm just trying to say tha-

What? What exactly are you trying to say?

Why are we talking about this anyway? As I can recall, we were talking about your so-called significant other before you starts garbling.

He is not my significant other?

Oh? I thought you liked him?

Liking him doesn't make him my significant other.

And how does it do that?

Well, umm..he..doesn't kno-


You don't have to shout.

Holy cow! I though you two were an item already! The way you kept talking about all that liking people for no reason and all the other shits.

I don't want us to be an item.

Then WHAT do you want to be?

I..well, umm..

This is absurd.

NO IT'S NOT! I just don't wanna start it in a wrong way okay?!

What wrong way?

The 'being an item' way.

How is that wrong?

Oh don't give me that 'how is that wrong' shit. You KNOW it's wrong.

I do, but-

But what huh? But because all the other people are doing it you're automatically given the divine blessing to do the same thing too? You people are so screwed up. Love is not something cheap you lunge around to every boy you can find. Love is something sacred. Something that you give with all your heart to that person you love.

You think, like my grandmother. "Love is scared. yada yada yada." Boring shit. Who the hell cares whether love is sacred or not. The important thing is to have fun. You only live once after all.

You think like a 3 year old. No, make that a 3 MONTH old.

I don't get you. Why don't you just do what everybody is doing? Get together and have fun!

I happen to be the kind of person who sticks to her principles.

So? Rules are meant to be broken. That applies to principles too.

No it doesn't.

Yes it does.

If you don's have any life principles you'd be screwed.


I think I don't have any other things to say to you.

You still haven't told me why you like him.

Can you stop with that already?

I'll keep nagging you.

I don't care. I'm not telling you something I don't know. But I'll tell you this, Love is not something you can put into a list.

Yes you can.


Like, you love him because he's tall, dark, sexy, handsome, macho, debonair, per-



Anonymous said...

wow..did you just do that by urslef?

Aika said...

haha yess. i often have debates with myself :|

ceLy. said...

make it a play. :D

amiey.N said...

ehh, mcm the brute punya gaduh gaduh.

nice one aika !

Aika said...

cely: HAHAHAHA. aku amek kau belakon nak?

milin: brutes punye gado panjang-panjang woo. kejangla aku kalau nak buat 3,4 mukasurat punye makian. HGEHEGEG

ezral Sya said...

i like i like i like i like i like. debating with self? sep. jom masuk hospital bahagia sesamaaaaa

Aika said...

joommm. katil make sure seblah seblah hokeeeyyyy. HGAHAGHAGAHAG