Monday, November 29, 2010

Oman National Day Thing

So anyways two days ago I went to watch Hair Reporter dekat OU hamagah bes gila serious bes serious serious sirius black besttttttt. Semua orang looked so grown up I remembered watching them so small dengan suara tak baligh lagi(?) tsk tsk tsk :')

And I bought yet another checkered kemeja dekat jusco the cutting was perfect because seriously susah gila ok nak cari baju yang falls mid-thigh so kalau jumpa and it's the perfect size you should just bayar without anymore hesitations. SERIOUSLY.

So anyways pictures from the Oman National Day thing.

 This guy scanned the machine under every single car yang nak park dekat basement. Looking for bombs I think.
 Ok it's either Oman's national day and Oman is actually called The Sultanate of Oman or it's really the Sultan of Oman's National Day(?) But whatever. FREE FOOD!

 Lin and Naqib in the toilet. I really like going in and out of the toilet. It's so clean and fancyy.
 Tiyah high -_- And I seriously think that all the food I'm eating is going to my cheeks. Seriously. Not in a gedik way ok ni bukan nak kata "alah pipi I makin tembamlah!", no. This is the acknowledgment of how big my cheeks have recently grew into.
 Naqib took the picture, hence the reason why it is blur and shaking -.-
 Pergh delighted habis muka dapat makan.
 Banyak betul orang-orang arab umur lebih kurang aku berjubah malam ni. Yang hensem pun ada♥
 Ada live orchestra lagi tu cool gila kaaaaaaaaannnn. Kuwait kedekut taknak hire live orchestra. Hahahaha.
 The biggest cake. There waren't that many cakes tapi yang bestnya they provided forks and knifes so that the guest boleh potong and rasa the cakes!
 Tiyah and Lin waiting for the shawarma.
 The shawarma! Cool gile die letak orange kat atas skali too so that the meat would serap the juices and the meat would have this tangy taste to it cool gile cool giel cool gile.
 One of the smalls tables yang ada in the hall.
 People awkwardly standing and networking.
 Ayah, cuba senyum sikittt.
 Gay habis muka kenyang weols.
 Setiap kali pun mesti ade cheesestick ni.

So tu je lah hahahahaha. Bes jugak pergi dengan Tiyah dengan Lin sebab ada orang nak amek gambar aku so takyahlah desperate sangat asyik amek gambar sendiri je hehegegehgege.


ceLy. said...

best gileeeee! aku suke shawarma. :p

Aika said...

shawarma perisa oren! XD

ceLy. said...

ahhh. dh lama tak makaan. XD