Friday, February 1, 2008

Today I

went to tesco wth balqis.not too hang out buy the prizes for the prefects party.then we came back to school loaded wth all the frickinly heavy plastics n strted to wrap the prizes.I REACHED HOME AT FIVE,like wtf.i reached home at five EVERY SINGLE DAY this week.i am soo today i kind of complained to mummy about the too-heavy responsibilities tht are getting burdened over me n how i thnk i cant manage my time well anymore.the only thng mummy said was MIND OVER MATTER.means tht if u put ur mind to it,u can do i followed mummys advice.i showered n the started to make the cards for the checkpoint tmorrow(the friggin explorace,im one of the facilitators.)i finished at about 9pm n AM CURRENTLY FEELING LIKE GLUING MYSELF TO MY BED USING FOREVER LASTING SUPERGLUE.dangg.

well,today was okay in sch.shikin dint came so im supposed to sit alone.but then i discovered tht hayati was also absent so i get to sit beside amy and sally,YAY!
amy n sally are like the greatest friends i have there.TOTALLY the best.they like, masuk wth me n evrythng.tht wht makes school soo cool.having SUPERB friends. :) crush talked to mee today! not very enthutiastic about ths or anythng.just kecoh-ing around.hehe.he said thnkyou cos i let him n fadlee copy my data for the peka.(some prefect huh,)and i was like,ouh okay.wthout even looking at him mind yew.i dont socialize wth the boys much.idk why.just not interested i guess.teehee.yeah rite.

tomorrows the prefect part.i hope evrythng goes according to plan.i have to wake up early again tomorrow.pfft.i thnk ive only got like 15 hours of sleep ths week which is like soo totally NOT enuf.ahh I WAN MORE TIME TO SLEEEP. -.-"

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