Friday, June 12, 2009

I did do what i've done.

I am positively uber-obsessively in love with my new 2.5 inch brown nichii heels.

i think i might even love them more than i love my ex lmao.they're so addictive i feel like doing nothing but stare at them one whole day.

now that is true love.

so all the single ladies out there,if you're desperate for a boyfriend just buy a pair of shoes instead.they can act as first class boyfriend replacements lol.

yes boys,buying a pair of shoes you're in love with can be this wonderful.its like buying a boyfriend.

no wait that doesn't sound right.

oh well.

i think lee and bam would go into cardiac arrest if they saw my cuteee browwwnn heeeeelsss.ITS SO PRETTEHHHH.

i wonder if im the only one who thinks so O.O

erk.i hope not.

the searchfor the perfect pair of heels started when i was left alone by those three WONDERFUL !@#$%^&*!@#$%^&* FRIENDS of mine.they were so wonderful they went back about two hours early and left me to shop alone!

oh how i LOOOOVEEEE them.


haha its not like i really sort of used to walking alone in shopping malls,finding my own way,checking out stuffs that i now i can never buy.

ok i should stop sound so pathetic.

sometimes i think i like walking alone.because you dont have to wait for can just go wherever you like,do whatever you want.there's nobody to argue with lol.

BUT that doesnt mean that i dont like walking in groups ok.i do like having my friends wait i LOOOVEEEE having my friends around.its much more fun to walk in a group,mengumpat org tu mengumpat org ni HAHA ok keji gile keje apahal.

moving on,

semalam akad nikah hanis.thankyou god i finally passed the first phase of the lace fiesta.tomorrow night the reception is at dewan felda perdana in which i'll be wearing my lacey mini kurung and my NEWWW LOVELEYHH BROWN HEELS BAYBEE.


can't wait for tomorrow night yo.just so that i can show off my NEWWW LOVELEYHH BROWN HEELS BAYBEHH.haha jeleknya perangai saya pada petang yang indah ini.dahla belum solat asar.hish.

oklah i'll upload pictures if it's possible.

till whenever im in the mood to write lol,toodleDOOO.


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