Thursday, February 12, 2009

being babyphat

"im so hungry i could eat a zebra."

ive been skipping dinner four nights in a ppl im not anorexic or weight-conscious.its just that..i dont feel like eating.HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET FAT DAMMIT.

i was chatting with al-hasan one day(or night) and i asked him about his diet bcus he used to be one VERY PHAT boy.gagaga no offence hasan.and then he told me it consisted of three bars of Sneakers,four chupachup lollipops and lots and lots of rendang kicap daging(of rendang daging dan daging masak kicap.i forgot O.O).

well the point is i dont think i can eat much.because i rarely get hungreh.this sorta freaks me out IM ALREADEH SKINNY I MUZZ EAT TO GIT PHAT AND HEALTHEHH.curse you stomach for not grumbling.

the only think i eat in bulk is,uh.oh shit.nothing.I WANTU BE PHAAAAAAAT.and appeton weight gain isnt the answer has to be taken with some healthy diet ke amende tah.leceh gilo.I WANT INSTANT FATASS!why cant i have my dream fatass.aaahhhh.

and in case there are yous who didnt kno,ive chnged my number from 0173936*** to 0129422***.im me if you want me new numbah.

i still think graduation robed are mighty fugleh.

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