Friday, February 6, 2009


today i finally felt that i was overworked and underpaid.thnkyou cik rogag for making me realize.ur one !@#$%^&* hellova customer.ok i wont say anything since this isnt an official mengumpat blog lmao.

meme's laptop's keyboard is being dumb.i thnk the 'b' button is broken or smthng.when u wanna type u haf to pree the b REAL HARRRRD.irritating gile kot.and my f-finger(haha.its sound hippier than middle finger)hurts.dumb keyboard.dumb meme for not fixing dumb keyboard.aaaahhh.

videojug is a really cool website.their motto(?)is:Life Explained,On Film.haha lol.i thnk i like that motto for godknowswhat reason.i always like things randomly.or not.well either way,i am not making

lee ill do ur tag in the next post lah too confused how i ended up with azie in the first place lmao.yes i am seh-loww.

ok blades of glory is on.i gotta watch this one since im going skating wth gy,qla and salele tomorrow.maybe it'll gimme some tips or smthng lol.haha.bubui.

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