Sunday, February 15, 2009

i still love you.i seriously do.

i wanted to talk to old times.a civilized conversation.between us two.when you log in my heart always skips a beat.okay cheesy but its true.its so hard to forget you.i wonder if you fell the same way too.but judging from how you treated me,i guess not.why am i always the one victimized.what did i do so wrong.please talk to dying.please.please.

do you know how hard it is to act as if you don't give a shit when all i really wanted is to smile warmly at you and have you smile back at me?talk to me.comfort me.tell me you always think of me.that's all i wanted to know.that's all.

i never regret.and i don't forget.that's the shitty part.cant you see?I DON'T FORGET.ever.ever.

talk to me.please?

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