Monday, September 21, 2009

"Selamat hari raya.Maaf zahir bain.Halal makan minum"

Haha dah raya kedua baru sibuk nak buat entri raya.

okay bukan nak cerita pasal raya pun.

okaylah cerita pasal raya.

apa nihhhh.

raya tahun ni okay ah.walaupun baju raya aku satu je heeeeeeeeesshhh.

pergi beraya rumah orang tadipun aku pakai baju raya tahun lepas.apa ni main recycle-recycle baju -_-

mom did bought kain lace untok buat baju lace kebaya(?) or kurung moden.tapi tak sempat nak buat uekgmfgkerger.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand this year has shown a steady escalation in my duit raya count HAHA.

in two days ive managed to get about RM300 from everyone yang dah layak bagi duit raya,heh.okaaaaaayy fineeee aku taulah ada orang yang mak bagi RM500,ayah bagi RM500 pakcik bagi like RM300 tu mesti korang cam "HEELEH TIGE RATOT JE PON NAK KECOH PEHAAAAAALLL"

tapi disebabkan i was raised to appreciate(ONE BIG EHEH) the value of money.RM300 seems an awful lot to me.gidit,gidit?

one thing i reaaaallly like about my aunt and uncles is that,the bigger you are,the MOOOOREEE you'll get.masa aku sekolah rendah dulu i only got RM10.but as i got into secondary school and now college it ascended to RM15,then RM20.


plus the one thousand something yang baru masuk account tu kan,


tapi yelah sekarang ekonomi meleset(?) jadi kena berjimat im going to put awa my duit raya for future case id REAAAAALLLYYY need to buy something in the future and my scholarship money is all used up,at least i'll have my backup moneh :D


okeh sila habis cerita pasal duit dan mula cerita pasal erti sebenar hari raya.

as always,i spent my first raya dekat rumah my aunt in bandar utama.since my grandad's death my granma has been staying with my aunt whose also her daughter lah kan.haha apa ni kampung belakang one utama.terasa sangat seperti anak metropolitan eryfgkwgekr.

bandar utama ni kampung(hoh) on my dad's mom's side is in langkap,ipoh.but we dont really go back there anymore since both of my grandparents on mom's side are dead.

sometimes i sort of missed tok and tok wan :')

plussssssssss the house is sodem big and sodem SKERRRRIII.dahlah like belakang tu ada dusun and tepi rumah ada telaga like memang kampung gila ah.SANGAT SANGAATT menakutkan ya uki.

andak(mom's sister) used to stay there.but since she works in ipoh commuting from langkap is very susahla bikos langkap is so sangat dekat ulu and macam tersisih dari civilization(?)

so she moved back to her own house in ipoh and the big sodem scary house was left deserted.sometimes on weekeends she comes back to clean it up.but sejak she terserempak dengan one sodembig python coming in thru the broken window she sort of ,uh,freaked out and sudah jarang-jarang pulang.

plus haritu andak hired this guy to clean up dusun dekat belakang tu.and then dah masuk maghrib pun he was still doing it when suddenly ada this one big tall lembaga appeared and screamed "BALIKLAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

since then nobody really cared aout the wellbeing of the house anymore.

i remembered it to be so lively when mom's siblings came back for hari raya.andak,atam,acu,pak cat,mak long,mak ngah ok yang lain tak ingat sangat adik beradik mak aku sembilan orang ah terlalu ramai untuk diingat eheheheheh.

and back then tok and tok wan was still alive :) tok wan passed away in 1998,when i was only 7 years old.i didnt really tell anybody but i sort of regretted not being able to spend more time with him.he was the most kind,loving and sangat baiikkkk grandad i have ever had.he used to tangkap and sembelih his home-bred ayam everytime we came back and suruh tok masak kari ayam la,sup ayam la.he was so old then,and stick thin.

there's one time when we came back masatu cuti sekolah kot.and when i salam tok wan i saw that his hand was full of cakar ayam.tok wan was bleeding on both hands from the scratch.and you know how sharp chicken's claws(?) can be.

he did all that so we could rasa freshly cooked ayam :|

tok passed away in 2004,when i was 13.i cried really hard when i got the news.somehow,i feel that i was wayyy closer to my grandparents on mom's side than on dad's side.

dad's dad,tok bapak passed away in 2002,when i was 11.yeah i cried.but not as parah as i did when tok passed away.i didnt really bond with tok bapak during the 11 years of my living.he wasnt much of a man with words.but i do remember that he grunted a lot.he died because of kidney failure.

after his death,i wasnt really disturbed by the fact that he was missing whenever family gatherings took place.maybe since we didnt really spend a lot of time together,i didnt really feel lost when he died.

now the only one left is tok mama.

and i hope ill be able to spend enough time with her while i that i wont regret it if the time comes for her to leave.

wooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh okay melalut sangat panjag cerita pasal atuk-atuk dan nenek-nenek.

but seriously la kan,cherish the times you have with your grandparents while you still can.they need you as much as you need them.

ya biklah rasanya patut berhenti sebelum mula memberi nasihat-nasihat yang mengkarung.

oohhh and btw,after final exam ada cuti three weeks before the next semester i was thinking of doing an open house somewhere around that make sure you'll be free okeh,i dont want my guest to only be three people and a dog,HEH.

enjoy your raya!


ceLy. said...

auw. i still remember u cried in our class when u got the news.
so sad to see u crying so bad! :(
sume mcm tak pnah tgok ko mcm tu dlu.
well, hargai saja apa yg ada skarang.

Aika said...