Friday, September 4, 2009

It'll be too late when you finally realize that nobody's gonna stay.

Sometimes a feeling comes up inside of me.

a very..SO NOT contented feeling.

I do wonder a lot whether im happy enough with all the things i have now.i know i should be thankfull for everything that has been bestowed upon me but..

well,you know those once in while i-feel-like-a-douche-bag feeling you suddenly feel?

like when you look at photos of people who have been around the world,been to places you've never even heard of,doing something that you've always wanted to do(like bungee jumping!) and et cetra et cetra.

you'll look at those pictures and think "i wish i was doing that,going there,experiencing those"

there's juts so many things i havent done in my life.

like bungee jumping.

oh god i've always alwaaysss wanted to bungee jump ever since i heard about it(?)

and wear short shorts in public.

or maybe not.

i think i should make a list of the things i'd like to do before i get married.

and another list if things i'd REAALLYY REAAALLYYY like to do after getting married.


akhirnya ada jugak orang yang sanggup menerima mesej selamat malam beruang comel-comel ilebyuilebyu tanpa rasa jijik dan jengkel.


why would i be sending him cute teddybear messages when he'll be sleeping beside me -_-

ohh maybe kalau dia pergi outstation keee kaaan.

"(gambar beruang)good night!(gambar beruang)sleep tight!(gambar beruang)sweet dreams!(gambar beruang I LOBA YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!(gambar beruang paling besar)"

nak kahwin T_T

okayy memangla boleh hantar dekat kawan-kawan tapi the feeling just wont be the same whaaaaaaaaat.

you dont love your fiends like you're gonna love your husband.

unless your gay.

or bi.

or your just plain weird and desperate.

25 just seems like such a loooooooooong loooooooooooooooooong way -_-


ceLy. said...

just be patient. -_-"

Aika said...


ceit macam dah ade calon je hahagahgah

ceLy. said...

hey, 6 years ok lagi kot.
aku 9 years lg nk tggu.

Aika said...

kau pahal lama glaaaaaaaaa

kalau aku dah mati kegersangan HAHAAHAGAHGAHAGAH