Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a serious and boring update

I really don't like waking up really late in the afternoon. Mainly because the moment I wake up I'll feel like pissed with everybody for no goddamn reason and the thought of punching people excites me. I'm the kind of person who wakes up grumpy. Heck I think everybody in my family wakes up grumpy. It's in our genes. Definitely. When I and Tyah were in school, we used to give each other the silent treatment until we reached school. We would put on our uniforms in silence, have breakfast in silence and wait for the van in silence.

There was one time when Tyah asked me something like, "Why do we never talk to each other in the morning?" and I truthfully answered, "Prolly because you look really annoying in the morning." Hahahahahahhaha. Really, it's just like that. I don't know what's up with me hating everybody when I just woke up (or when my sleep is disturbed. Most of the time by Naqib. Boy, he sure did get what he deserved. *evil smirk*). It's like PMS all over again. And sometimes it lasts for one whole day. I won't talk much. My mood will be miserable to the power of infinity and I'll give people sarcastic remarks when they say something. It's like whenever I wake up late, I'll be turned into a hard emotionless bitch.

But that depends on the surrounding factor too(?) Say, if my mum was the one who unceremoniously disturbed my sleep, hell yes I'll be pissed but duh she's my mom I can't just release all my inner rage at her right. So it depends on people too lah.

So yesterday I went to bukak puasa at Pizzahut with Yunie, Kartika, Nulul and Naz. Tasha was supposed to join us but then she went out with her boyfriend instead. Tasha -.- I ordered Meal 1 which consists of that small personal pizza (super supreme), soup of the day (mushroom soup) and a glass of carbonated drink. After that we went to Giant because Yunie wanted to buy the stuffs for the props for our drama performance this saturday. Gulp. I won't be acting in it, in case you're wondering. There was a part for me initially but I switched with Ezman because I just don't feel like being a bread seller who yells "KHUBZ! KHUBZ!" in front of a large audience. Plus, I did write the script after all so I think it's okay if I excused myself from being directly involved with the play. But I am still involved with the play lah. I am now a, uh, stage director? I forgot what it's called. But what I have to do is like direct the changing of scenes and when actors have to go in and out of the scenes or whatever.

I pulled an all nighter last night because I wanted to have my sahur dekat kedai pakcik since Ayunie had been promoting the Nasi Goreng Seafood all night long. It did taste good, that I had to admit. But because Yunie cakap kat Pakcik suruh buat extra pedas the old man took it a bit too far and we ended up with a bloody spicy Nasi Goreng. It was so hot and spicy I can almost feel the ignition of fire on my tongue I swear. I think it would've tasted a whole lot nicer if it wasn't that spicy. I also had two french toasts and sekotak air laici. You can guess how bloated I was by Subuh lol.

So today I woke up at 3pm yes, three in the afternoon because I wanted to get enough sleep hahaha. It's not like I can do that at home anyways hence the reason why I am doing it here lol.

Oh and I bought Happy Family, Snap and Old Maid at Giant yesterday! I remembered my conversation with Tra on how much we missed playing the old card games we used to play when we were little. And each of them was only RM1 like wtf so cheap right.

AND I BOUGHT A FRICKIN VUVUZELA HELL YEAH. I mean, cmoonnn. You gotta admit that it's really cool to have your own vuvuzela rightt.

God I love my Vuvuzela.


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RORZ Happy Family cards..classic!

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