Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Ke-5

I have trouble differentiating arguments and discussions.

I mean, do you not argue when you discuss? This is weird.

Well anyways, it's the fifth raya today and here I am sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing raya-ish. Oh and dear friends, please note that my parents decided to postpone our open house to Raya Haji WTHHHH I know right so you don't need to worry about not coming to my house untuk beraya sekarang. You can come during raya haji :D I mean, it's still raya right? Hehehehehehehehehe.

And my duit raya count is nearing RM500 woots :DDD Selama 19 tahun aku dah hidup ni aku rasa tahun ni paling banyak, serious. Masa kecik-kecik dulu 100++ je dapat and the makin lama makin banyak makin banyak makin banyak and now BOOM! RM500 terus eheheheheheh.

I think I'm gonna use this money to buy books, books and MOARRR BOOOOOKKKSSSS! Because it's been 74656782876545367 years since I last read a new book. I always end up spending my money and clothes clothes pashminas shawls clothes clothes and it's not like I wear all of them either ._. Aaahh, I'll need to do a spring clean as soon as I start my two months of holiday. And sell them online and make more money woots! :D

God, I love money $$$$$$$$$$$

Ok that sounded very materialistically wrong.

But whatever.

Kawan-kawan takda sapa nak buat open house ke haku nak mati kejang dah duduk kat rumah tak ada buat apa ni .___.


ceLy. said...

braya lah rumah daku. :)

LinZ said...

mak ayah nk wat open house???