Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hate list

I suddenly realized that I have never made a hate list before. Just for the hell of it. Well, here goes ;

1. I hate it that I have accidentally updated my iTouch software (or something) to 4.1 and now I cant friggin jailbreak the damn thing because that is the latest software and no jailbreaking has been done to it so my iTouch is basically a dumb device without any use at all. No music, no games, and get this, NO FRICKIN WIFI!

2. I am just really annoyed with Apple right now for making jailbreaking so damn hard. IT'S LEGAL FOR GOD SAKE!

3. I hate it that people make fun of Twilight and Justin Bieber. Don't get it wrong here, I'm not a big fan of Twilight nor Justin Bieber. It's just that it's really mean to make fun of them like, what is your problem with them really? They're making more money than you are so you're the loser here really.

4. I hate it when there is nothing to eat in the refrigerator. Nothing to eat here means food that I don't have to fry, cook, put in microwave etc etc. Fruits are not included.

5. I hate it when I cannot download songs because the internet is shitty.

6. I hate shitty internet.

7. I hate it when I feel like I don't have anything to wear eventhough I know that my closet is full of stuffs I never do wear. I really really hate that.

8. I hate it when somebody uses my favorite mug.

9. I actually really really do not like (read: hate) it when Naqib drinks out of my water bottle. I have had that water bottle since I was five years old (somebody in some photo shop gave it to me as a free gift or something when I was in Autralia) and I was the only who had been drinking from it until he came along. I feel like my privacy is being invaded everytime I watch him drink from my water bottle. If Nazif starts drinking from it I swear I will hide my water bottle in the freezer.

10. I hate it when I feel like eating chocolate but there is no chocolate in the fridge.

11. I hate it when I get presents that I don't like and I have to act all appreciative in front of the person who gave it to me. I feel so bad because that person thinks that I actually like his/hers gift when I really really don't.

12. I hate it that nobody has never done anything sweet to me.

13. I hate it that I have never had a surprise birthday party. Even one birthday party for that matter.

14. I hate it that I don't have a lot of money and that I am always broke. I know that it's wrong to be wasteful and whatever but having a little bit more money would be really nice. HOW COME I DON'T HAVE A FRIGGIN ALLOWANCE LIKE EVERYBODY DOES?!

15. I hate it when people treat me insignificantly (read: like trash). As happy as I may look on the outside, you should know that I cry far more and far easier than your baby brother/baby sister/ whoever in your family that cries a lot.

16. I hate it when I feel like crap all day long because of how people treat me.

17. I hate looking at forever alone memes. They remind me of myself most of the times.

18. I hate it that the jeans that I have bought online always turned up shitty eg: does not fricking fit me, too big, too small, whatever.

19. I hate my hair, sometimes. I have always wanted Natalie Portman's shitshort hair but I know that there is no way I could pull off that look.

20. I hate it when I go into a restaurant feeling real hungry and then it turns out that I have ordered the shittiest tasting food in the restaurant. That makes me feel really really shitty.

21. I hate having to repeat myself more than 2 times.

22. I hate looking at how rich people live their lives buying this and that going here and there and doing everything I have always dreamt of doing. How come I don't get to live like that?

23. I hate it that I'm not filthy rich. (Don't say things like "at least you have a home!" or whatever. You think I don't know that?)

24. I hate it when people don't respond asap when I REALLY REALLY NEED them to respond asap. It's beyond annoying.

25. I hate it when people cancel plans last minute. Especially plans that I have really looked forward to. That sucks, bigtime.

26. I hate it when all my emotions are suddenly mixed up and all I wanna do is curl up and cry.

27. I hate it to the max when people invade my privacy. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE THAT. I mean, I wouldn't mind if you wanna read my inbox or whatever. Just don't..overdo it, you know?

28. I hate it when I don't get ANY text messages for three whole days. I feel like my friends have abandoned me :(

29. I hate it when people don't get what I mean.

30. I hate it when I have mood swings. I treat people around me like shit. And I hate that.


32. I hate it when I get shitty marks because I don't study.

33. I hate it that I don't have good control over myself.

34. I hate it when I realized that nothing comes out when I have typed for about half a page it's so annoying I SWEAR.

35. I hate it when I forgot to do things which I am so not supposed to forget.

36. I hate it when people are emotional with me. It makes me wanna cry ._.

37. I hate it when people dwell about my skin color. It's not like my skin color is making your eyes sore or something. Piss off.

38. I hate it when friends backstab each other without the other one knowing. I really really hate that.

39. I hate it when I see something I really like but I'm too broke to buy it.

40. I hate not having enough money for a meal. It makes me feel so poor and pathetic.

41. I hate it when somebody is mad at me because of my fault. It makes me feel so friggin guilty ._. especially if that person is really close to me.

42. I hate having to fight with people I love or when people I love have fights with each other.

43. I hate it when people lie to me and I know that they are actually lying. Am I not worth the truth? :|

44. I hate it when my shitty handphone gets stuck and shuts down by itself halfway through typing a frickin long message. I HATE THIS ONE SO BAAAAAAAAAAAD.

45. I hate not having anything to do when I'm bored out of my wits.

46. I hate it when I accidentally paint my fingers instead of my nails. AND I ABSOLUTELY HATE HAVING TO REMOVE IT WITH FULL FORCE BECAUSE IT REALLY HURTS.

47. I hate not having enough food supply in the locker. Especially when I'm hungry.

48. I hate it that I can't get married right now.

49. I hate it that my crush is sending mixed signals.

50. I just really hate not getting what I want when I want it.

And I really hate it when it's late at night and I can't friggin sleep.


ceLy. said...


Dr. Yudi Purnadi said...

man. ur hate list is super long. I think I can only read till number 25..

Aika said...

salwa: HOHOHO.

hasan: I happen to hate a lo of things.

ameerazman said...

haku menci beli hang tak hangkat fon bila kol takpun msg x reply.

haku menci bila hang baru bgn tdo.

haku menci bila hang bising tak pasal2 dlm class.

jgn risau, menci 3, yg lain sume suka :)

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