Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you ever heard of Ben Bradshaw? If you haven't, then click here.

But if you're a lazy mofo and you don't like waiting for seemingly uninteresting (although this one is as interesting as hell) videos to load, this is Ben.

 Lee specifically told me to put this one up HAHAHAHAHA.


Because Ben looks hot in it DUH. And prolly because girls usually have this thing for muscular arms. Or is it just me. What? It's sort of sexy okay. And there's nothing wrong with liking sexy, muscular arms. It's what women do. Meh.

So anyways Ben is this 23 year old hot very bloody hot handsome achingly good looking caucasian WHO SPEAKS FLUENT MALAY. Yes, you heard that right. He's hot, he's caucasian AND he speaks malay. I mean, HOW MUCH MORE PERFECT CAN A PERSON GET RIGHT? This guy, is like the epitome of the perfect guy. For a malay girl because he's hot, caucasian and speaks malay or course.

So Lee posted that video of him speaking malay on her wall and then I watched it and feel deeply in love with Ben as well because his malay is seriously good and because he's a hot caucasian. Well, it's mostly because he's a hot caucasian. The speaking malay part is just a bonus really. But the point is, HE IS HOT.

So then we liked his fanpage and added him on facebook (search Ben Bradshaw if you would like to add him as well BECAUSE HE IS JUST SO UBER HOT HOW CAN ANY GIRL RESIST ADDING HIM AAARRRGGGHHHH) and then he approved hence the start of our epic conversation with him with the occasional slips from strangers who are just jealous because Ben actually commented on our comments HAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA ok I need to stop being a bitch because maybe our conversatio was just too epic for their eyes. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

So I being myself and Lee being herself, decided that I should print screen it and show it to the world because BEN FRICKING COMMUNICATED WITH US OHMYGOD it's such an epic convo.

So here,

Ok please ignore what music I was listening to I was just feeling very nostalgic ._.

So in conclusion Ben is a very down-to-earth dude although his videos are rapidly circulating the net as we speak and he's sort of famous that's why having a convo with him is a big deal HEHEHEHEHEHHAHA. But seriously, very nice guy weh. AND OMG HE WANTS TO MEET ME AND LEE OMG OMG OMG *hyperventilates and dies*

We ♥ Ben.


ani arishah said...

OMG i'm jealous!
oh tp aku wedome jugak sbb lily aldrin wish birthday aku haritu :3

ceLy. said...


Aika said...

sha: TU LILY ALDRIN TIPU! so tak kira. lagipun hanya akan dikira kalau barney yang wish :P


ani arishah said...

ah kira jugak
jeles jeles jeles ckp jelah

maryam said...


'kamu penat? sebab kamu berlari dalam fikiran saya sepanjang hari ini'

NOTHING is cuter than THAT. direct translation wooh

*hyperventilates and dies jugak*