Monday, November 15, 2010

Rants II

I'm currently re-watching(what?) Boys Over Flowers again. Well, it's not like I've watched it a million times anyways, this is just the second time. And this is mostly because I haven't gotten my season 2 of Vampire Diaries from Lin's colleague (haha very random. But seriously that guy is like our movie and series supplier since we're too lazy to download all those stuffs ourselves) and the only interesting series I have in my laptop is Boys Over Flowers.

I've written a long synopsis on it here when I watched it for the first time. And seriously, these korean series always makes you come back for more. Their fantasy themed storyline is really engaging and makes you want to finish the series in one day flat. I just love how the storyline is highly illogical and it is very unlikely that all those things that happened to the heroine will happen to me.

I can turn the reasons of unlikeliness into a list.

- My father doesn't have a laundry shop and my mother does not work at the bath house. So how the hell can I go and send clean laundries at some posh school? Plus most posh schools have laundry services. Why would they send their laundry to my father's shop really? And it's not like I know how to write a bike so how else would I send the laundries? And like my father would let me go riding a bicycle to send clean laundries to posh schools. Getting his permission to go out is hard enough already.

-I don't know how to swim. So on what scholarship would they admit me into that posh school (if there is one in Malaysia) if I were to save a bullied student from jumping off a building? A writing scholarship? Meh. It's not like I'm THAT brilliant with my words. And if I'm not there on a swimming scholarship then how would the hero mess around with me? By sending viruses into my specifically-used-for-writing laptop? That is not romantic and nerdy. And the hero should be uber hot and romantic and not nerdy. He should mess around with me by dumping trash into my swimming and releasing ducks in the pool whenever I have my swimming practice. But I can't swim. So yeah.

-My parents aren't that relaxed and laid-back. Over their dead body would they ever let me go on a randomly planned trip overseas with a hot guy who is also heir to the most successful company in the country. Even if Lee were to tag along and end  up being an item with the hot guy's also hot friend. Seriously, there is no way in the world my parents would do that. Even if the guy had said that he will take full responsibility for whatever might happen to me. No way, na'ah. My parents wouldn't even let me go on a date with him for that matter. Or let him spend the night in our house, in the same room as I am sleeping. So you can see how I simply cannot relate my life with Jan Di's.

- I have this I-don't-touch-non-mahram-guys policy. It's a principle I live by. Well, most of my friends do too anyways. And if this is my principle then how would the hot guy carry me in his arms when I nearly died of being bullied and nurse my wounds and hold my hands and kiss my forehead and hold me in his arms when I'm sad? HOW WOULD HE DO ALL THOSE IF I DON'T EVEN WANT HIM TOUCHING ME?!! Ok I'm not saying that I have to abandon this principle at all costs or I have made a bad choice by living by this principle but you get it right?

And the list goes on and on and on.

But despite the mountain of differences I have with the heroine, I find myself smiling throughout this whole series because however illogical and fantasy-themes it may be, I still like watching the story line being enacted and the how the plot unfolds because it's just nice seeing the hardships they go through for their love. It's just really cute and I like watching cute series and seeing myself in the heroin's actual spot. It's what most girls do when they watch this kind of series or read romantic novels. Trust me lol. So I've just finished watching the fourth episode. 21 more to go!


ceLy. said...

kaaan ? even though illogical, still we can accept the story line.
aku pon bru je lpas tgok hana yori dango. cite same tp versi jeponn! bessst! XD

Aika said...


ceLy. said...

mmg la. ferst2 kau akn rase benngang! ahahaha. tp lame2 cute kooot

ameerazman said...

finally u apdet blog :) lagi lagi :)

.huda. said...

Vdiaries 2 sgt bestttttt!!!

catherine is back ,dude


LinZ said...

ye lah..write a bicycle..hahha

nadiahfatihah said...

haha..same la kite tkoz...;)