Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Because I wonder, a lot.

I just realized that i accidently made another blogger account using my hotmail e-mail.

suppose i typed my hotmail instead of my yahoo and walaahhh!

a new account.

a new blank account.

like i needed two blogger accounts right now.

this one's barely managable.

well the expected(?) happened. lin gave me her laptop. but i hadn't bring myself to register it at the mahalah office for the darn sugly sticker, and the it departement for the wifi access. so right now im still living off other people's laptop.

i wonder why people call laptops lappy. is it like a petname. since when do people have petname for gadgets anyways. should i name my phone?

im thinking of piggy.


okay so back to what i was initially trying to say, my second week at nilai went quite okay i guess. i had to say, how i see it, nilai is just like al-amin.

minus the dresscode, the unfamiliar faces, the non-existance of assembly and a whole lot others really.

but basically, it's just like al-amin.

i wonder why so many al-amin students 'tragically' wind up in of the factors being it's closer to home?


i met a lot, and i mean A LOT of ex alaminian. and i did things that are supposedly unimaginable to me a few years ago.

like talking to auzaie in a very very civilized conversation.

lee was right. alaminians are starting to socialize with one another.

it's mostly thanks to facebook.

where you can comment craps and like pictures and posts and write notes(whatever are blogs for) et cetera et cetera.

facebook is THE social networking site.

like, you never see alaminians socializing in myspace or friendster or myrakan(god, why do i have to bring this up) no?

choosy, perhaps.

i think i need to brush up on my writing skills. no essays means no brainstorming. although the occasional 'weh-tolong-aku-buat-homework-english-ni' from my doormates do help a bit.

and i still don't understand why we have to learn BMW.

no, not the car.Basic Research Method & Writing Report.

it, suck, balls.

and no i wont hesitate to curse on this significant subject.

oh and i just found out that one of my classmate slept with his other classmates.

i wonder how on earth could he had done it without thinking of his parents.

i miss mine.


ceLy. said...

seee! told ya so.
mcm kat al-amin balek kaan?
lpas da mlepaskan diri selama 5 tahun, akhirnye jmpe jgak. -_-

but is it for reaaal?
i mean the 'slept' thingy?

n u should call u phone phonny.

Aika said...


fresh fresh gossip from the gossip farm!

phonny is like phony.


ceLy. said...

derang tak pikir ke?

that's what i'm trying to say.
okaaylah, u can take piggy.