Sunday, December 27, 2009

Because the sight of you elevates me from reality.

Exam has finally, finally, ENDED.

thankyou thankyou thankyou MEE for studying with me throughout the whole friggin exam. no, wait.

for pushing me to study harder, stronger and better(?)

okay what the hell.

well anyways thanks mee for making sure I studied enough.

tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu :D

After arabic today I went to Giant with Mee and Amilin. I was so hongreh and was so in the mood for kfc's fat fat chicken and was so HONGREHH (again).

and I couldn't resist spending RM25 for a pair of the most perfect black baggy pants ever and a red shirt.


the pants were so cheap! RM10 a piece like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

and the red shirt looks like the one Sasa bought from Giordano. and it was only rm15! like what the hell what the hell watahelll.

I love shopping at giant. well technically it's the stores outside. but giant have really nice pajama pants. all pink and frilly. i wanted to buy one but it was wayy over my budget. rm18. see how broke i currently am -_-

can't wait to go back hooome this thursday! or friday. dang im having that shafawi test on thursday from 4 to 6pm like what lah I wannna go back on thursdayyy.

and plus it only contributes like 5 marks. i think my perfect 10/10 leadtrain mark can cover that up HAHA.

I wanna change my layout. this is getting so boring. dark pink like ew why did i ever agree to this layout in the first place.

Mee did show me a website full of cute layouts but I'm still hesitating. lecehla nak cari cbox balik. and nak edit-edit the colums. god god god malasnyaaa.

maybe I'll do it when I get home. Imisshome Imisshome Imisshome.

I am so pissed that they went to wet world shah alam without waiting for me! im just a week late from home jeeeeeez. I shall make them go there for a second time next week. Haha.

Wonder how my mid semesters marks are gonna look like.


ceLy. said...

kau mmg shopaholics.
and mang ksian smpai drang tag kau kat plampong je kat fb. haha.
sabar je la. -__-"

ameerazman said...

haaaa! welcome spousie :D