Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The limit has been reached

These past three weeks have been so hectic that the only thing I wanna do now is go home and stay there until the end of they year.

or preferably forever.

I don't think I've gotten used to this kind of stress since I was a lazy mofo in school and all. I seriously think that I have somehow reached my limits and right now all I want is mak and ayah. I miss them sooo badly :(

This was just like how I felt during the first month of PLKN. I felt so terrible. I thought of mak and ayah for every second of every minute of the day. I was so miserable. But thank god lat was there. I actually owe a lot to her you know. I'm very lucky to get thrown in the same camp as my bestfriend. I love you lat :D

I'm thinking of persuading mak to bawak me to some spa where I can get a kickass massage while inhaling aromatherapy scents(?)

That is indeed, heaven on earth.

Oh and I just HAVE to show you this. Lee showed it to me weeks ago and I sort of forgot to paste it here.

Behold, Twilight saga fans.

Screw Bella. I love my twinkies.


fee.daa.oh said...

wow..i like that posterr LALINK hawtss!!!! awwwwww

ceLy. said...

disgusting maaan!
tkoza, dun forget my cd.
the sims 3. dun frget. dun frget.

Al Hasan said...

eugh...Edward Cullen got manboobs...