Monday, December 14, 2009

To them, I will always be a joke.

I think it's time I write something to get the poop picture out of the way. It bugs me every time I open this blog. Being greeted by a picture of a very long poop isn't exactly inviting you know.

HAHA tell that to yourself.

Okay whatever.

I'm planning to go back to Nilai this Wednesday with Mee so that we can totally 100% concentrate on the other four killer subjects that we're having for exams right after the mid break. Seeing to that I don't wanna flunk anything again, I'll just have to concentrate really effing hard on my studies an SCCCOOORREEEEEEEEEEEEE.

well, according to me that is.


fee.daa.oh said...

ya,.tahu punn...letk gmbr poop tuhlagi uewwww!!!!!!!!!!11

yess...scoree it ok beb!!!!!!!!!!!!

misfaida said...

tau xpe
gamba tu mmg agk mnggelikn d ctu
btw,tkoz da rjin skrang
bagus bagus!!
smgt cenilah bru blh score
i wish u all the best
may Allah bless u fren

tke cre~

*ika* said...

wow! balik awal? mengapakah?
rajin nye anda.
mest score nnty. :D

LinZ said...

ye tikah...nak blah dah..??hahhahah

Aika said...

daos: hehehe thaksss daos ;D

mereyem: awak ponn.dapat dean's list blnja weh.HAHAHAHA.

kiko: sebab dok rumah asyik maen sim dan berfantasi yang bukan-bukan XD

lin: kuangajaaa.hahagahga

ceLy. said...

kau da balek da ea?
gile semangaat.