Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Because learning doesn't only happen in the classroom

Things learnt in the past 24 hours :

1. Don't drink two cups of nescafe (rich or regular doesn't matter) in a span of 5 hours.

Unless you want your piss to end up looking and smelling like a pale yellow colored nescafe. The smell of the piss and nescafe alas, cannot be distinguished. Save you taste a drop of the piss and a drop of the real nescafe.

You may also want to avoid doing this this because your head will feel like it's constantly vibrating and as if it might vibrate more aggresively every second and finally shoot off of your neck leaving you, a head shorter.

You might also feel very disoriented when it's 6 in the morning and finally time to sleep because your eyes will feel very heavy but your brain will continue to be alert, working its's ass (if it has one) off.

So in short, just stick to a cup of nescafe in case you ever intend to pull an all nighter.


trust me, i know.

2. 2 hours of sleep CANNOT POSSIBLY substitute the usual 16 hours of sleep you're used to getting everyday.

sleeping at 6.15 in the morning and waking up at two hours and fifteen minutes later IS NOT a habit to be practised in case you're interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.

I'd recommend sticking to the standard 8 hours of sleep regime to avoid any future complications, physically or mentally.

3. Its Brentley, NOT Bertley.

Damn you Mr. Mallard (inside joke for everyone who took the poetry exam a few hours ago)

4. Chicken is not supposed to be eaten on a daily basis.

Toasts, as it happens, make really good, not to mention cheap, lunch.

5. Stop wearing your darned extremely worned out pair of gladiators to class everyday.

You're bound to slip and fall, IN PUBLIC. (include 'watching cute guy' to add to swelling humiliation)

6. It is beyond awesome to have your classmate for almost all of your classes (but one) as your dormmate.

I can finally stay up and ACTUALLY study (with occasional peeks at facebook every 2 or 3 minutes) until 6 am. Before this, the only reason I stayed up late at night was because I was busy online doing god knows what.


7. Wearing a T-shirt with the words I'm Alone printed on it doesn't make you feel less lonely.

This one hardly needs an embellishment.

8. Healthy competition is actually good for your spirit(?)

Well, minus the two cups of nescafe and being sleep-deprived for one whole friggin night.

9. It's nice to find out, once or twice in every month, that you don't have a baby swimming around in your vagina. Or your womb. Wherever babies hang out in the tummy really.

Thank god for periods. Minus the period pains and sporadic leakings. Dang that's irritating.

10. It won't harm you to make new friends. But just remember to cherish the old ones just as well.

I miss you guys in PJ :')


ceLy. said...

luckily, mrs. mallard died before she read this. HAHAha.

by d way, aku pnah minum 2 cups of nescafe (1 neslo + white cofee)
no harm at all la tkaah.

this blog, wat aku gelak tak henti.
(plus i'm readin ur blog in library so it is soo dificult for me to laugh out loud. lmao)


Aika said...

hoi tak acilah 1 neslo+white coffe.

aku minom exactly two cups kot. satu regular nescafe, lagisatu RICCCHHH.

bangang sbb tu kot takboleh tido hahahahahagahaga.

yeahh.aku kan penghibur jalanan siber(?)


ceLy. said...


naah. u not any typical cyber entertainer dude. u rawwk!

heeheheh. :))

cpat gile kau update blog ini. -_-

Aika said...

HAHA. pagi tadi pestime aku online dekat laibrerii.


ada foreigner online kat sebelah WOOOOOOOH.

ameerazman said...

love it!
like like.
this sem best ada org nk teman stay up. thank u spousie :D

and yeah, healthy competition bebeh :P

Aika said...

oh ur bery de welkeymz lingling


in a beli helti wei.

ameerazman said...

gilaaa, kau punya english bukan main lagi super the damn bloody power. bahasa melayu kauu mcm budak nak kena sepak terajang weyy :P hahaha.

Aika said...

inilah namanya,mencintai bahasa budaya kita bebeh.

kau budak ben apatauuu ;P

kola said...

i miss u tooo...geli2.....

Aika said...


ceLy. said...

aku paham bg perasaan 'beginner' kat nilai mcm kau. HAHAHAHA.