Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today I..

So I was scrolling through Lee's list of blog when I suddenly saw the words 'DAMN AIKA!' as Azie's latest post and being the curious S I was I opened it.


Serious weh that was the main reason I put up the poop picture but I hadn't thought of someone being in that precise position, a position I imagined that someone would be in when I posted it.

Sorry for the, uh, unappetizing post Azie :D

But I so totally had a real laugh.

Well anyways have you guys ever heard about a movie called Joe's Apartment? The movie about this loser-like guy who shares his apartment with 4o thousand COCKROACHES?

Like c'mon dude, COCKROACHES?!

I was quivering throughout the whole movie maaan there were dancing and singing-in0an-opera-kind-of-way cockroaches and everything. And plus the apartment that Joe lives in is a total dumpster with half-eaten tacos and pizza boxes and opened peanut butter jars. It's no wonder there are 40 thousand cockroaches living with him.

But the fact that they have the knowledge of speech(perghh ayat linguistic) is sort of cool you know, when you have a cockroach that talks then you'd probably wouldn't wanna bash the hell ouf of them as much. Plus they look kind of cute at the end of the movie.

But that doesn't mean I've taken a sudden liking to cockroaches, EUWW. I'd still bash them with rolled nespapers and spray them with ridsect(mortein?) everytime I see them.

After all, all is fair in love and war.

Okay I don't know what that's gotta do with anything but still, it's cool to have a saying for everything isnt' it? I'm gonna start sounding like the wise old owl who knows everything. Or something.

On another completely unrelated matter, my internet was being stupid the whole day so I got absolutely NOTHING, NADA, NIL, ZERO, ZILCH thing to do except sim-ing and sleeping.

While I was sim-ing I suddenly remembered that I had to take some picture of my sim family because I wanted to show Azie how my sim husband (who also, somehow ended up looking a bit like my ex) looked like.

But I forgot where it's automatically saved. Hmm.

Okay got it.

Behold, my humble home from top view. Because they only gave me like 18000 simoleon (or was it 15000 simoleon?) I had to settle down with this teeny little house. Now that my son, Jacob Crawford (I'm Aika Crawford and my husband is Chace Crawford hikhik) is a big boy and doesn't sleep in his cot anymore, I need to buy another bed. But the problem is, there's no more space in the room -_-

maybe I could somehow squeeze it in the living room.

And this is my dear husband dozing with our son in his crib. He was still a baby then. I think this was taken yesterday. You never realize how fast your kids grow. One minute he was still still i his crib crying over a dirty diaper and the next minute he already knows how to prepare his own breakfast!

My husband, showin some loooove to our baby. Isn't he such a responsible and adorable young daddy? Oh god that's so sexy.

DOES HE NOT LOOK LIKE MY EX? Or I'm just exaggerating a bit over what my unconscious mind has created. Or he does look like my ex, but just a tad hotter version of him. Wow, that's hot.

You know, this could probably happen in the future.

A husband who is HOT and COOKS. How lucky can you get?

The hot husband cooking picture s'gonna wraps up this post. Now you see why I like playing sims. I can finally be, wear and act like my alter ego(?) in that world. Like I have a need for an alter ego. I can't even manage my own self properly. Heh.


ameerazman said...

like ur ex? hek eleeehhh :p

Aika said...

kecoh aaaaaaahhhh :P

ceLy. said...

coackroaches dlm tu cute kan?
tp aku ttp mnjerit nmpak mreka dlm realiti.

peanut butter chocolate reese.

dun frget bg i pjam ur cd ye tkoza.

Aika said...

tak habes2 dgn reese.ko rindu ke salweh? XD

biklah!remind aku bawa pulang esok.HOHO.

ceLy. said...

aku ke kau yang rindu ?


.huda. said...

wats with the geek face(im talkin bout ure so-called husband).

HAHA kiddin yaww!!

lov lov~
mish mosh!