Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Number one : I should stop being a lazy mofo.

I think if I were to write down a list of what I should stop doing it would be endless.

well okay, I'll try.

2. I should stop waking half an hour before class starts and skip breakfast (eventhough it's only a cup of hot chocolate with oats) and behave like some retarded ass in class.

no I think the retarded part is likely to happen if I drink glucose before going to class or two cups of nescafe the night before.

i iz hypah.

3. I should stop carelessly spending my money and say "SOMEONE STOLE MY MONEHHH!!" the next time I look into my purse.

just a little reminder to myself since this has happened before. I still think my RM30 was stolen by something. The possibility of SOMEONE doing it is just..wrong to even be considered. I trust my dormmates n_n (have to insert gay emoticon to show never ending trust)

4.I should stop allowing my eyes to go wild whenever I walk through block B1 and B2.

It's sort of embarrassing to see someone trying to pull up their pants while keeping on their towels so that their underwear won't show at the same time.

5.I should stop taking this course for granted.

I think BEN is not different than bioscience. apart from the part where you don't learn bioshit chemistryshit and physicshit of course. the method of studying is just the same really. I know I have to work really hard (cliche gila buhbee) and get a kickass cgpa.

but all of it won;t come true without EFFORT. which I happen to extremely lack.

I'm screwed.

6.I should stop analyzing people when they sleep and judge them after it.

This is just one of those plain brain-not-engaged moments.

7.I should stop thinking how the hell I would spend my money so that I won't be flat broke at the end of the week. and actually DO something about the damn thing.

I have very poor money management. I think I need to marry an accountant. In nilai, there's a lot of hot econs student.

It's not that hard to put two and two together.

8. I should stop hating people because I am not them.

Yes, I am one of THOSE people. Nobody's perfect (ayat cliche gila buhbee II) after all.

9. I should stop thinking that I would die if I ever ran out of money and it's not time to go back home yet.

Remember that your parents can always transfer money to your bank account. Plus, whatever are you friends for? :D

10. I should stop thinking like a five year old.

But I shall never stop acting like one.

I love myself.


ceLy. said...

u can do it! :D

ameerazman said...

ana tak tahu nak berkata apa lagi setelah berkhutbah yang subhanallah panjangnya. tetapi bila fikir balik, sangat bagus class class yang kita hadiri sem ni. lebih banyak yang kita belajar dan mendekat diri kepada allah :P

eceehhhh, yang pastu aku hyper time class :P yeah, itu yg kita mahukan :p

*aku ptt tukar course la mcm ni :P