Friday, June 4, 2010


Sorry. I just felt like screaming in your face. Really. Sorry.


Do you realize how when you were in kindergarten and primary school you would have those few special friends you would call your 'best friends'?

Do you realize as you get older, that label seems to have vanished and you realize that you don't have those 'best friends' anymore? Just a bunch of really good friends?

Do you realize these really good friends are the ones who knew every single detail about you and are still your friends?

Have you ever valued the way they never judged you even after knowing your biggest, deepest, darkest secret?

Do you know that finding friends like these are like finding a four leaved clover?

"Lucky I found you."


Hi. I'm the socially awkward penguin.


LinZ said...

byk pulak soalan "do you" kat blod hang sejak kahir akhir you know la, do you realized la..

Aika said...


ceLy. said...

woahh. 0.0