Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aku tak boleh bagi specific title dekat post ni sebab all the paragraphs aren't really related

I absolutely hate it when I have the flu-cough-snot combo. I really feel like slitting my throat and vacuuming all the kahak out. Ew right I know. And it can be really annoying to the people around you too. Imagine having to "eheeeem ehemmmmm" in all the classes every 3 seconds. IS THAT NOT ANNOYING? I mean, I'm the one whose doing it and even I myself am annoyed. My classmates kept looking at me, of course, to see if I really had snot all over my throat or Im just plainly being a cheap attention whore in class. Whoever assumes the later is unquestionably retarded.

I mean, I don't like attention (CEH HAHAHAHAHAH) Ok lah maybe I do. Who doesn't kan. But I only want the rightly received kind of attention. The kind that you get when you answered a question correctly in class or when the lecturer announces that you have the highest score among all the classes that he teaches GOD THAT IS SUCH AN AWESOME FEELING. But the last time I felt that feeling had to be when I was 11. I think. I got the highest mark in English (what else) which was 96. And I did not really remember feeling that feeling during high school because I was so messed up hence my uberly ugly results.

Meh. The past is in the past right? At least I'm in a university now although it can be a real sucky university and I have a bright future ahead of me. I hope.

When I was in Form 1 I fooled around A WHOLE LOOOTTTTT. Going in and out of the discipline teacher's room was like a daily routine for me. Seriously. But I didn't do anything REALLY badass like smoking or stealing or making out(ew) or things like that. My kind of badass was the, uh, innocent kind of badass which was somehow considered extreme in Al-Amin godknowswhy. I pissed off the teacher who was known to never have shouted before. We fooled around during lab and talked and talked and talked when the class were discussing the outcomes and we passed photo albums of godkowswhat to each other. In short, we didn't have our attention on her at all.

So it only seemed logical that she would be really pissed. And so we all kena heret outside the lab and kena maki in front of all the students yang lalu lalang (masa tu time rehat senior kot? Eh) and then she heret all of use into the discipline teacher's room and then kena sambung maki etc etc. So at the end we apologized to her and swore to never repeat our behavior on that day ever again.


And then I played with the fire distinguisher with my friends on one day. I think this one was a bit unfair because someone had already opened the fire distinguisher punye penutup before us ok. So we were playing with the fire distinguisher yang dah basi(?) BUT WE WERE THE ONE WHO HAD TO PAY FOR IT! GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Tak pasal-pasal. Mak was of course, on the verge of killing me when I told her. But nevertheless she gave me the money to pay for the damage because I was so penniless when I was 13

OOHHHH and the highlight of that year had to be the constant beating up I got from Mak. Apart from fooling around. I was also a VERY VERY DEATHLY lazy ass. I rarely did my homework because I was too busy discretely playing in class with my gang or whatever. And one day my BM teacher got really fed up with me that she told Tyah I haven't been doing my homework. And Tyah, being the konon-konon responsible sister (puke gag puke vomit barf) she was not, told Mak. And of course when I came back from school that day I was beaten up like an old rag doll. My mother was very brutal when we were in school lol. Kalau takat lempang dengan cubit pulas-pulas tu memang dah lut la.

I remembered being beaten up with bulu ayam, hangers aaannndd a broomstick. Mak pernah pukul aku sampai patah bulu ayam ok. Hardcore kan aku :D But she usually just uses her hands and legs sometimes repeated slappings on the face and on the body and pinchings that could leave bruises for days were not a rarity for me during those days. I remembered going to school one day with selekeh unlipated tudung to hide my sore-looking left cheek because of the repeated slapping. And when I showed my friends the bruises on my back they were all like "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!"

But that was when I was 13. As I grew older the beatings became less and less because dah besar kan. She babbles a lot now. But I'm just thankful that I don't get beaten anymore lol. Oh and this didn't only happen to me. My siblings and I grew up that way. Mak used her brutal method of disciplining to discipline us XD And I must say that it works out quite well. And I don't really see the beatings as physical abuse or whatever you might call it. It was just her way of bringing us up.  Despite my sort of scary chidhood, My Mak is awesome and I love her. Period :)

Most of my friends wouldn't have guessed what I went through at home because of what we did in school. But I had to say that I did deserve all that because of what I did. Karma is a bitch(?) And for the identity of the friends I had gone through so much with, you would only know who they are if you were in Al-Amin circa 2004. And if you stalk me real bad -.-

Oh I forgot what I wanted to write before I went through all the stories. I was going to tell you me result when I was in Form 1 :D For the first semester I got number 25 in a class of 30+ people and for the second semester I got number 30! :D AM I NOT AWESOME HAHAHAGAHAGHAGAHGAHAGHA.

But I kind of turned over a new leaf masa Form 2. First sem aku dapat nombor sepuluh okaaayyyyyy HAGHAGAHGAHGA, Yang tu pun aku rasa sebab kelas aku ade ramai budak bermasalah yang tak suke balajar. Hmmm. Second sem tak ingat la pulak dapat nombo berape. Betul eh aku tak ingat bukan nak cover hahgahagahgahgahagahgahga. Time Form 3 dengan Form 4 macam tak main dah nombo-nombo ni sebab lebih fokus kepada berapa banyak A kau boleh kutip. Trial aku 4A je kot. Tapi PMR aku dapat 5A! HAHAGAHAGHAGA HABIS PENCAPAIAN LA TU WEHH

And then naik Form 4 aku rasa macam terjadi dejavu sebab time first sem tu aku rasa dari 11 subjects yang aku amek 8 ke 9 tah dapat G9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TULAH HAKU MEMANG TAK SUKA SAINS SAINS JADAH HAROM NI TAPI MAK AKU SURUH AMEK JUGAK KAAAAAANNNN. Pastu opkos la kena marah kan. Tapi tak kene pukul ehehehehehehehehehehe. Second sem pun ala-ala tu jugak sampai guru kelas aku letak nama aku dalam list orang yang disuggest tukar ke Art stream HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA. Tapi kan time Form 5 aku pindak SMK dekat dengan rumah tuu so aku terus jelaah dengan science stream sebab kat skolah tu ade like 13 classes and aku tengok budak-budak art stream macam diabaikan kebajikanya(?)

Dekat Al-Amin ade 2 kelas je ok. Mane tak tekejot aku tetibe masuk sekolah yang ade 13 kelas neeyy. That's the best part of being in Al-Amin. Everybody knows everbody :) Dekat SMK tu aku sampai habis sekolah pun tak kenal semua batch aku lagi. Kenal muke la, tapi name semue tak tahuu. Dalam 3 sekolah yang aku pernah pergi seumur hidup aku ni, (Hira', Al-Amin, SMK s10 KD) aku rasa Al-Amin yang paling best. Sebab kawan-kawan yang aku dapat dekat Al-Amin, cari ceruk mana pun kau takkan dapat dah. They're really special :)

Saya sayang kawan-kawan Al-Amin saya! ♥

Jauh betul aku menyimpang.


ani arishah said...

kawan2 uia? :(


LinZ said...

ala tkah..hang x kena humban kepala dulu ke dinding...wa kata lu..penin..
btw, kesimpulan post hang dgn ayat pertama like wtf xde kaitan...

Aika said...

sha: tu kawan-kawan sekolah yang sukar dapat dicari. kawan-kawan uia yang sukar dapat dicari cerita lain pulak ;)

lin: bab2 kene bedai ni mestila hang yang menang HAGHAGHAGAHGAHG. HOI dah pandai guna 'like wtf' nampak. HAHAHHHAHAHA. btw wa penah kene tendang kepala dengan mak lbih kurang kena hantuk kat dinding jugak ah tu hehegehegheg.

ceLy. said...

nostalgia kot form one.

form 1 la yg pling enjoy aku rasa.
sgt mengap kot aku time tu.

Aika said...

aku benci form 1 -_-