Sunday, June 20, 2010


So you probably know it by now. But please do allow me to ask one small favor from you. If the feeling isn't mutual, can you just ignore me? You don't have to say things like, "Hey, I'm sorry but I just don't feel the same way as you" or something in that league. I might jump off a building out of total embarrassment or cry until my lungs have holes in them. Or whatever.

Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes. Other times, it's just mental pain. I mean, who would like to be ignored by someone they like right? I know I don't. But I don't really see any other logical way that wouldn't have any lasting emotional effects on me. This is the only way I can think of. So please, if you don't feel for me like how I feel for you, then ignorance might just be blissful. For you.

Oh, and you don't have to worry about how I would cope. Since the feeling isn't mutual, then it's not like you would care right? And I don't mean this in a sarcastic tone either. It's a matter of fact. When you don't have feelings for someone, you just don't care about them. The humane care might be there of course but that special kind of care wouldn't. And that's the kind that actually counts. That everyone wants someone to feel for them. That special kind of care.

But oh well, life goes on. I've lived for 19 years before knowing you. And I'm sure I can continue living on without you just as well as I did before. It would be wonderful if I were to be given the chance to share my life with you in the future though. My happiness, my sorrows, and all my other feelings. How nice would it be if I get to share them all with you? If I were to have that opportunity, then I honestly would not ask for anything more I swear.

If I can have you, then I would feel completed. But if I wasn't destined for you, and you me, then I guess I'd just have to find someone else to complete me. Because no matter what happens, life goes on. You can't stop that. Whether you're ready or whether you're still stumbling, it'll still go on. It won't wait for you. So I don't think I would wanna be remembered as the sad pathetic girl who hung on to you like there was no other for me. I wanna be remember as the girl who lifted her chin up high, smiled a wide smile and said to you goodbye eventhough your answer was no all along.

And I'm pretty sure that the latter attitude would lead me to a very happy ending. Eventhough it means not having you as a part of it.


ezral Sya said...

Easier typed than done :/

Aika said...

I know right :|

W M Najib said...

go go go!

Aika said...


W M Najib said...


what happened to you actually?

Aika said...

It's quite a long story. I sort of like this guy and I think he knows that I do but he pretends he doesn't and it's really complicated because it's not that I want to get in that kind of relationship right now but the suspense is sort of killing me you know so since I know that he reads my blog I might as well write something so that he would know what to do if he doesn't like me back so that I wouldn't die of rejection or something like that because I really can't handle rejection all that well.

Sorry for burdening you with all these infos :| and thanks for asking. It was really nice of you :)

W M Najib said...


why don't you just tell him directly?

guys usually pretend that they know nothing unless you tell them straightaway.

rejection is something great. isn't it?

Aika said...

In what sense is rejection great? :| nahh I don't think I'll be telling him in the near future. Even if I did tell him, then what? If I'm lucky and he likes me too, it's not like we can get married or whatver. It'll just make things more awkward. Don't you think it's best to remain silent for now? What would you do if you were in my place? :|

W M Najib said...

i dunno. i'd been rejected once.
lol. but I learn A LOT of things by rejection. I guess.

come on la. don't tell me that you're like going to get married by tmorrw.

I bet everyone is facing this such of awkward feeling. very very indisputable la orang cakap.

getting him now doesn't really mean that you'll end up with kahwin dengan dia. bukan?

actually, i hv no idea of giving ur advice in this such of case.

but, please do believe that, kumbang bukan seekor. bunga bukan sekuntum.

and please. please. please don't be TOO loyal in waiting someone.
i blieve you know what will happen kan. if u're being too loyal. kan?

so, be relax. n cool.

jodoh tak kemana kalau dah ada.
put your trust on Allah.
He wrote for the-best-something for you.
need no worry la. small matter je ni.

so sorry. this is all what can i say.

patah satu kaki!

Aika said...

lol okay that was long. you're right kan. I mean, why wait for something that isn't certain. Benda yang tak pasti. It's such a waste of time. Dah pasti nanti barula boleh loyal kan kan kan. But just out of curiosity, say if you were the guy that I like. What would you say if I told you I liked you? Just wondering :)

W M Najib said...


i'll just say like

"get over it. tell me it again when i'm already a still-single-dentist"

I look this particular thing in a particular way.

Once you say you love me. it means that you really want me to marry you.

yela.macam kelakar.

tapi this is what i see for myself.

tatahu orang lain macam mane.


ceLy. said...

auww. girl powerrr! :D

Anonymous said...

She didn't say she loves you dude. She said what if she said she 'likes' you.

Funny how you thought she said she 'loves' you.


Hi Aika, I'm one of your silent readers. Keep blogging! Love your posts! <3

Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

Awww, I'm totally quoting Najib on the "Once you say you love me" thingy. Because I felt that way too!

That's why I never said I love you too back to my ex because I'm afraid I can't love him forever, but then he went for my best friend instead.


Then YOUR best friend.


I did love him.

musaf said...
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Aika said...

Najib: so you're indirectly telling her to wait until you've finished studying or something like that?So it's like once you love someone you'll set your mind that you're gonna marry that girl and nothing else? Oh and thanks for your honest answer. It's nice to know things from a guy's point of view :)

Cely: I am a powerful girl XD

Anonymous: Lol! Guys get confused easily on this kind of discussion I guess. Discussion lolwut. And thanks anon! That's really sweet of you :D

Lee: I KNOW RIGHTT. I wish that guy I like had the exact same thinking. It would be so sweet lol. Oh cmon maan. Kumbang bukan seekor or..something. I'll help you find your fish :D We'll find our fishes together! And then we'll have a double wedding..or something.

Mukhlis: First time kau cakap benda yang make sense mukhlis!

W M Najib said...

lol. apa apa ja la.

aika, lebih kurang la. honestly,i'm
tired of waiting.make me feel stupid sometimes. I prefer of keeping no feeling towards anyone fr the time being.
honesty is the best policy btw.

Aika said...

ahh, very much comprehended. I'll have to agree with you on that. Sometimes I feel stupid too. Because you know, it's like waiting for something that's never going to come I mean, what's the point really right? And thanks again Najib. You've been really awesome with your honest, down-to-earth answers and everything. 10 stars for youu :D

W M Najib said...

no hal.
best of luck!

musaf said...
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Aika said...

banyak bunyi pulak eh kau mukhlis -.-

peribahasa kumbang bukan sekuntum bunga bukan setangkai tu untuk orang baru putus cintala. bukannye aku nak pakai untuk diri sendiri. just saying(?)

haah la kau -_-

W M Najib said...

musaf, suka hati kau lah.

aku terima apa ja orang kata.

lain orang, lain fikiran.

Aika said...

ookayy o_O

Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

Mukhlis, do NOT do to Koz and Najib what you did to me and Tentera.

This is a freaking serious warning.

musaf said...
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zuhana zulkifli said...

ugh i got to say that i love this entry .

yeah it might be hurt at first knowing that someone who always talk about "someoneelse" ,in hoping the "someoneelse" is you .but it prove you wrong and you are not the specific "someoneelse" in this tiny fairytale .

sometime it is their fault when it comes to step foward , instead they just remain silence and being a big ignorance .

sometime ,a thing need to be told to know .

Aika said...

Zhana: You're right about that. But sometimes, it's just better to keep quite about it so that nobody would get hurt :)