Sunday, June 20, 2010


I wanna have a tumblr account. Mainly because you can post (repost?) cute pictures in it. Like really really cute ones. Like the cartoon strips from Cyanide&Happiness. Or pretty pictures. Or emo, pretty pictures. Or pretty emo pictures. Or pictures that are emo and pretty. You get my point.

Yunie showed me her cousin's Tumblr few weeks ago and I really loooooooooooooved reading (scrolling through?) it. It's like full of meaningful quotes and funny things and cute colorful cupcakes and ice creams and cakes and pancakes and damn I'm starting to get hungry.

So you see why I want a Tumblr? :)

But it looks kind of complicated. Or it's just that I'm too used to Blogger. Either way, I wanna do a blogger. I mean, a Tumblr. It's gonna be like blogging using pictures. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I don't have to write 8254293765427887635477 worded posts to convey my messages across(?) I can just like, paste a picture of chocolate gelato and everyone would know that I'm hungry. I wouldn't have to write things like, "IM HONGGREEHHHHHHHHHH IM SO FOKIN HONGGREEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH FEED ME MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH AYEM HONGGGRRRRRYYYYHHHHHHH"

Which can be quite not understandable to some people.

So yes, I WANT TO MAKE A TUMBLR ACCOUNT. I need someone to teach me how to properly use it though :|


kiko kiki lala said...

Tumblr is lotttssssaaaa easy than blogger. n a whole lot fun too. not complicated at all.
i know lah, i have one.

cepat2 just bukak tumblr n buat. haha. ;)

Aika said...


musaf said...

aku dah lama buat tp dah diabaikan

Aika said...

apasal kau mengabaikan tumblr kau -.-