Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 3

Oh god it's so hard not being on facebook all day long! Especially when you have absolutely nothing to do, like me. Really, all I ever do right now is sleep and eat and play Doodle and sleep summore. Sometimes aku turun pegi Yunie's room so that I could watch a movie with her. I don't like watching a movie alone. It's really boring -_-

Woke up around 8 today because Drama class SUPPOSEDLY starts at 9. But of course, it didn't. We saw the lecturer for that subject (no names allowed because I don't want my blog popping out in case she googles her own name or sth) at the department and she said there wouldn't be any classes this week because she has to do..er, something.

After that we bought lunch dekat kedai makcik. BUBUR NASI HAGAGAAGGA. Tu jelah yang aku berselera pun. Malas nak kunyah ajhaagahgajha. And then kitorang makan dekat bilik Yunie sebab dekat bilik boring gila Sal dengan Qlah tido lagi wtf -_- At least dekat bilik Yunie adala jugak benda nak buat. Ehegehgeheg.

Lepas makan aku pon godek-godek lah laptop Yunie. Nampak pulak satu album masa die pergi London, Paris dengan Rome last year. So apelagi kan hagagahgahagagag. She went with her parents, sisters and her brother. KIUT SIOT ABANG DIA KIUT GILA CAM UYFGJWEFRHGKWGFFEUJEF. ok tak kiut. TAPI HENSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMM HAAGAHGAHGAAGA. Serious her brother is very good looking. Yunie herself is pretty so that kind of explains a lot.

Abang die baru 23 tahun single pulak tu eheheeeehehehehhehehehehe. I wonder what it's like to marry your friend's brother. Not that I want to you know, because I already have my eyes on somebody :D But just out of curiosity, wouldn't it be like really awkward? Because your friend is your adik ipar? I think it'll be sangat sangat sangat awkward. hagagaag.

Ok dah sangat mengantuk kene gi tido. And I'm prolly going home tomorrow so YEEEAAAAYY.

Oh and dekat library tadi aku jumpa buku Dear John like omg wtf. And I'm going to finish that at home. I hope it'll be a distraction for me from facebook. I NEED DISTRACTIOOONNN.


Anonymous said...

lin ada distraction untuk hang..jom ikut lin pi melaka..hahha..pastu balik rumah..kite tgk gossip girl..lin ada season 1-3..

Aika said...


haha said...

yunie tu single x?nak tekel bole? :DDDDDDDD

Aika said...