Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random things about yours truly

This is a vain post.

1. I can go on for a whole day without any proper meal. No breakfast, no lunch and no dinner. Just the occasional random snacks like roti dengan cheese ke, an apple ke, kerepek ke. And things like that. I guess that's just why I'm so skinny. Sigh.

2. I cannot sleep with only one pillow. I have to have at least two pillows to be able to sleep. But for a guaranteed good sleep, I usually use three. One for my head, one for me to hug and one for my legs to hug(?) I'm considering getting a bolster so that I won't have to sleep with 3 pillows but so hard la want to find nice bolster wan.

3. I don't like to talk when I eat. Ayunie told me one, "Aku perasan something kat kau. Kalau jumpe makanan kau terus senyap." Hohoho. Especially when I' really really hungry. I like to read books when I eat but I'm not such a big fan of talking WHILE eating lah when I'm not eating I'm usually unstoppable muahahahah.

4. The way I talk is easily influenced by people around me. My friends mostly. My most over used phrase right now is "Jangan sampai aku blablabla" and "Memang la blablabla".

5. I'm actually flattered when people ask me things like "Weh betul ke aku buat ni?" or "Yang ni maksud die ape eh?" because I know myself and I know that I'm not a walking dictionary or a waling english text book. It just happens that I know the answers to their questions. And prolly because I exempted my English Placement Test. And maybe because my grammar and sentence structure makes sense too. So most people tend to think that I'm the English Guru or something when I'm really not. I'm just like you guys, seriously :|

6. When I love somebody, I love them with all that I've got. But still can't beat Lee la. Hihi. When my ex dumped me when I was 15 (This is the one and only ex ok. After that no more no way), I cried my heart out and woke up with a swelled up pair of eyes. I hugged my towel when I slept because I was crying so hard. I also lost 3 kilos after the break up. I couldn't eat because I kept imagining him with that girl (who later turned to be an awesome friend to me :]) together every single miserable day. My days were empty without any texts from him. But when he does text to ask me how I was doing, I wouldn't reply because I wanted to show him that I was strong and that I can live without him. But I was wrong. It took me nearly 4 years to completely get over him. And this is a guy whom I only spent 5 months with, I've never went out with, never hold hands with (thank god I didn't), never called and rarely talks to me eye to eye at school or in class unless it's really really important. But he was really sweet in his own way, (although he can be quite a jerk most of the times) and I guess that's the thing that made it so hard for me to forget him. That's why I don't plan to fall for anyone until I'm ready to get married. I dread going through all that again. But then you came along. Sigh.

God that's a long one.

7. I have a very high metabolism rate. I guess that's why it's really hard for me to pass 45 kilos. I can eat like a pig when I'm real hungry. But the food keeps getting digested -.-

8. I hate sports. The only sport I'll play is, umm,  anything that doesn't involve running, jumping and me getting sweaty. Urghh I hate getting all sweaty and hot. I don't know how I survived the National Service, really. You have to stand straight up facing the son during the rollcalls and there's one time when everybody was late, they had us do push ups, SLOW-ASFRICKINHELL-LY under the hot scorching sun of Sandakan. I remembered looking like I had just taken a shower with my uniform on. Yurgh.

9. I only eat crunchy vegetables. Kangkung is my favourite followed by kacang botol and kacang panjang. I can tolerate Kailan and Kobis but I just really can't deal with sawi, bayam and those mushy kind of veggies. I mean, aren't vegetables SUPPOSED to be crunchy? What's up with the mushiness? Meh.

10. When I was 5, I purposely sliced off half of my eyelashes on both eyes with a scissor because I was stupid  godknowswhy really. My mum flipped when she found out because my eyelashes look really weird when viewed from sideways. It looked kind of terbantut. Thankgod they grew back.

I honestly have no idea why I made this list. Maybe I'm just vain like that.


Kartika Azmi said...

hahaha! im lookin frward to check out yr next ??-list.

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i loveeeeee numbah 5 :D

Mrs Salju Kasih said...

wirawati national service?AHAHHAHA