Saturday, October 23, 2010

Because I feel like writing. I JUST DO OKAY HEESSHH

Adakah anda tahu apa itu rindu? Rindu adalah bila anda sen-

Hmm aku pun taktahu nak define rindu sebenarnya. Apahaltah tetiba nak define rindu.

So anyways I jailbreak-ed my own iTouch today using greenpois0n (it's really spelled like that ok) RC4 because apparently, that's the only jailbreaking tool that works on my device which is an iPod Touch 2G MB model firmware 4.1 . Seriously, if you've been scouting around the net for a jailbreaking device, the greenpois0n is a keeper. Although you might have to try it a few times before it actually gets through.

The first time I tried it crashed halfway and my iTouch won't turn on. Even iTunes won't detect it. Boy, was I creeped ._. But then I gave it another go (I had to put in on DFU mode like twice -_-) and tadaaa! Your device is now jailbroken. You can now go have fun downloading Mega Man.

HELL YESSSSS I FOUND MEGA MAN IN INSTALLOUS IS THAT NOT UBER COOL? I am so downloading it. Like c'mon guys it's megaman for god sake! I grew up dashing megaman around monsters on my gigantic monitor. Well, it was the family's computer really. No, make that my siblings lol. I don't remember my parents buying us a computer. The first computer was bought my my brother if I'm not mistaken. The only techy gadgets our parents bought us were our handphones. Really ._. Oh and maybe my sister's laptop when they started university. You get the point.

I remembered when Jat got his first game console. He must have been about 16 or 17. He got straight A's for his PMR hence the game console reward. And I remembered playing Street Fighter on it lol. I would always choose that guy with the expandable legs and arms and he would spit on the enemy :P Jat was always with Ryu and Lin was always with Ken. I can't recall Meme playing. Maybe she was too busy buried in her books hahaha. Tiyah, Chun Li? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok I really can't recall ._.

And when I was 12 Jat used his first salary or something to buy the PS1. and after that he and Lin shared their salary (-.-) to buy the PS2. Oh and I remembered beating my brother 12-2 when he challenged me to a game on, uh, was it Pro Evolution Soccer? God, I was so awesome then. But the next day he challenged me again and I lost 20-something I think ._. He said he went to the office and spent his day thinking of strategies on how he could beat me. wtf.

But hey, that's what brothers do -_-

So then they eventually got tired of the PS2 and Lin sold it and  used some of her own money to buy the Xbox 360. And there it is still in the room, doing a pretty good job at being a dust collector. Really. Nobody plays it anymore because Lin's busy working, Meme's always in Penang (like she would even touch the thing if she was home lol), Me and Tyah rarely come home and Jat has his own family to attend to. Although he does play some random soccer game on it from time to time. So he's the only one who's using it ._.

All in all, I really think Lin should sell her Xbox and get herself a brand new iPhone 4. LULZ.

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LinZ said...

BLAHHHH..bia la jadi dust collector pun..hahahah~
lin nk beli LCD monitor nk men dgn XBOX tu..ahha..baru la layan...TV depan tu rosak la..camne nk men game..hahah~