Friday, October 15, 2010

Khatulistiwa cleaning

Queer title? Blame Lee. Hahahahaha. So yesterday I posted a status on my facebook about how I'm going to do some spring cleaning because my wardrobe is a mess. I used spring cleaning just because it sounds awesome and very american HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Bute then Lee commented, "I think it's just 'cleaning'." or something so then I googled spring cleaning and it actually means house cleaning done during spring. And it's not like we have spring here in Malaysia so I easily came up with khatulistiwa cleaning because it sounds weird and is true at the same time.

But whatever.

So I came back from Nilai for my two months holiday like 3 weeks ago and I 'just happened' to notice how much of a mess my wardrobe is. (Kalau tak cuti panjang HAROMM nak notice sebab malas nak kemas hagahgahagahgag) Well, I'm not really the messy kind of person. I can be a, uh, crazy cleaner(?) sometimes but most of the times I just feel too lazy to fold my shirts or pants or whatever nicely so I ended up squishing them at the back of the wardrobe. Keji, I know :|

But hey, I'm 19 ok. That's what 19 year olds do. I think.

So yesterday night I decided to clean up my wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that I don't think I'll be wearing anymore. Like oversized dresses that look awkward on me, jeans that don't fit me no matter how hard I try to get into them or just everyday shirts that are too ugly to be worn.

So here is how my wardrobe looks like before the decluttering,

 Please do excuse the level of messiness. Now you see why I'm planning on cleaning it ._.

Baju-baju yag hanya dipakai pergi kenduri. Beria betul.


It looks as if a tornado just hit my room ._.

My completely empty wardrobe. Wah sedap mata memandang!

Weird bag my brother gave me for my EIGHTEENTH birthday. Yes ladies and gentleman, MY EIGHTEETH birthday. Maybe my brother still takes me for his 5 year old baby sister or something -.-

But whatever. It's the thoughts that count right? :)

 Birthday cards I've received from circa 2005 :')

One from Hasan in 2007 lol!

At least I think it was 2007.

And this one was from Lee and Aini for my birthday in 2005 :D

This sobloodycantikbutneverworn dress that Lee gave me for my birthday last year. I wish somebody would invite me to a prom so i can wear this T_T

And don't even think of suggesting it to be worn during the AGD ok. Nanti nampak macam beria betul haku -_-

And after nearly two hours folding everything properly and putting everything in place, TADAAAAA!

Well, it's not really clean like REALLY REALLY EFFINGLY clean. But hey, at least it's not an eyesore :D

And I will end this post with that picture of my not-messy-but-not-that-organized-either wardrobe :D


ani arishah said...

bagi la aku baju2 yg cantik yg kau dah taknak pakaiiiii :D

Aika said...

eh dah nama pun baju cantik mestila aku still nak pakai XD

ani arishah said...

ceh kecil hatiiiii :(

Dr. Yudi Purnadi said...

your closet wasnt messy.

i think that card i sent you was in 2005. or so i thought.

Aika said...

sha: nanti aku besarkan balik hati kau :*

hasan: well, that's kind of messy to me lol. oh was it in 2005? hmm. cant really recall.

ani arishah said...

taknakkk nak bajuuu

W M Najib said...

cantik wardrobe.

Aika said...

hahaha! perli ke ape najib? :D