Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is my 500th post :D

You know the kind of people who appear all happy and bouncy in bubbly in facebook but when you meet them in real life they're just really shy and quiet and awkward.

I'm one of them.

Well, this only applies to people I've never met before lah. Around my friends I'll be my usual bubbly bouncy self. If you see me being retarded and stupid with my friends in facebook, then there's a big possibility that I really am retarded and stupid in real life. Really, you should ask Luqman. He would know lol.

This is how it is because I just feel like it's easier to convey my messages in black and white rather than say it out loud. Which is why I write better than I speak. I just feel more comfortable doing do because there wouldn't be any awkward silences, or misuse of words or awkward twitching or any uncomfortable feeling while speaking. And whoever says that written messages can't have tones should be shot and buried in a shallow grave. You actually can 'write' tones.

For example, if you want to wish somebody good luck.

"Dude, goodluck for your exam tomorrow! :) "

See? This message carries the meaning that you are wishing your friend well and you have no hidden agenda behind the wish. The smiley there also emphasizes your point of well wishing. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

But you have to be careful of how you use your smiley. Different smileys carry different meanings.

E.g : "Dude, goodluck for your exam tomorrow! >=[ "

I honestly don't know how to interpret that message.

"Dude, goodluck for your exam tomorrow! :D"

This message is similar to the first one.

"Dude goodluck for your exam tomorrow! XD"

This can mean two things. Whether you're just merely wishing your friend good luck. Or you're just really happy that he/she is having his/her's exam tomorrow (although that doesn't really make any sense).

So yes, be careful in using your smileys. You never know what meaning they could carry(?)


Dr. Yudi Purnadi said...

and thats why i never use smileys. They are deadly yet confusing yet sometimes annoying but somehow it's cute. haha

Aika said...

that's a pretty.. confusing reason lol.

Dr. Yudi Purnadi said...

its a compilation of reasons. lol