Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of dorms and dormmates.

You know what's the best thing about staying in a dorm with another 20 people?


God I miss my dormmates. I miss how we used eat together, showered together (but in different cubicles), watched movies together and screamed together, played silly games together, check out people on facebook together, order Mcdonalds together. Doing everything together basically. It was like having 20 awesome sisters! PJ didn't have dorms. They had little itty bitty rooms. 4 people to 1 room. And it gets kind of boring because the room is really small and you don't get much space to yourself. Unless you're on your own bed. Even the study table is actually to small for 2 people to share. So usually when my roomate used the table I would just study on my bed. And sleep 3 seconds later. Really, don't study on your bed ._.

But of course, because I have really really nice roomates we took turns using the study table. I miss my roomates ._. When I got transferred to Nilai she gave me the little teddy bear that she used to hang on her bag because she couldn't find time to go out and but something for me :') I actually like hand-me-down gifts better than bought ones ( although if you WANT to buy it, I don't really mind :B) because it's like an honor to receive a gift that was someone's favourite..thing, you know? It's like that person trusted you enough to take good care of their belongings. I like that feeling :)

So anyways, from what I heard there won't be any dormitories in Gombak. Sigh. I would've loved being in the same dorm as my dormmates again. It's back to PJ in gombak. A room with 4 people. But the best part is you got a lot of space to yourself. Unlike the small crummy rooms at PJ. Blergh.

I hope we don't drift apart guys. Remember the awesome sisterhood bond that we shared. Remember how happy we were being around each other. Remember the moments we spent together. Remember us :')

Sasa, Qilah, Mee, Fey, Hana, Darina, Sha, Naz, Nazoo, Tira, Qis. See you guys in Gombak! ♥


ani arishah said...

awhhhhhhh this post lead me to tears ;)
rindu main uno bersamaaa
lompat2 tgh dorm sama2 sambil ikat rambut mcm kanak2

Aika said...

tu yang paling rindu tuuuuuuuuuuuuu :')

Nasz said...

Arghh rindu rindu rindu. :'(
Nanti kat Gombak kena jugak selalu berkumpul.

Aika said...

kat gombak nanti AT LEAST once a month kite kene gi kua lepak same-same okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

ani arishah said...

okay atikah belanja!yeszaaaa

ani arishah said...

okay atikah belanja!yeszaaaa

ameerazman said...

so sweet :D

aika's sister said...

hahaha, adik2 sekalian, begitu tinggi sekali harapan..but believe me,u wont hv the time..slowly u will feel that u r loosing ur friends, one by one..but anyhow, take this as a chalenge from me..if u guys can maintain in gombak what u hv started in nilai, then, congratz!

Aika said...

Scarynya komen hang me ._.

Anonymous said...

Tkaaaaaa serious aku macam sedih baca post kau yg ni. Demyu.