Friday, February 15, 2008

can this post be untitled?

today was the 15th of february.the day after valentines day.bahaha.obviuously lah.why am i stating that. O.O

i feel as if im turning into my lazy ass,couch potato,stupid self again.and i dont wantuuu!i NEED CONSTANT motivation.but thres no one available 24/7 to motivate mee.dy's away.i have NOBODEH.sobs.okayla maybe im exaggerating.teehee.i have la i dunno wht to type den i go crapping.bahaha.

i miss that asshole.somehow.why why and why do i still feel like this?eventhough its been nearly a month since we made any contacts.i find myself constantly thnking of him.shuckss laa.potong steam betol.i wanna concentrate on my studiess.but its hardd. -.-" okayokay lets thnk positive.
STUDYING IS EASY.ADDMATHS IS A PIECE OF CAKE.YOU CAN ACE YOUR PHYSICS.YOU CAN DO CHEMISTRY WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED.BIOLOGY IS WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF.see,im motivating myself!but i dnt thnk its working.i NEED SOMEBODY TO MOTIVATE ME know who you are.or u dont.eitherway,i NEED yeww.come back lahh.*sigh*

i hate fridays.bcos class ends at 1220.i wanna have classes till 6pm can? xD today i got belanje-ed again!its azer's turn this time.tehee.ainie didnt came i was cheering him up by asking him to belanja me.arent i a good friend? :D i got 5 keropok lekorss.wootwoot!

oh yeah,n i ask fadhil how was the chocolate muffin bcos i heard from fadlee(who was also given a muffin by balqis) tht the muffins taste like !@#$%.and it was confirmed!bahaha.sorrylah i got you a taksedap muffin.nextime i buy you gardenia's orange flavoured muffin okeh? :D

im in the mood for a steak.ezi's steak.ahh so dangg yummylah.but so expensive also. -.-"
i wan a steakk!whoever gets me steak will get a reward from me!love forever~ wtf im so lame.bahaha.

have i told you how i HATE jaga-ing the canteen.the students are like so banyak its not like they'll listen to prefects osoh.haihs.students in this school have no respect for prefects whtsoever.melissa has been babbling about tht since like,3 weeks ago.n i totally agree wth her.whts so hard to join the que lah wey.lazy arses. :|

anddd,myspace is getting boring.maybe bcos u rarely go online anymore.but who cares lah.i do. i dont even know wht i care about any's a mess.darnnit.

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