Saturday, February 2, 2008


today was the prefect prty.gila barbeng penat.i hve to jge the H.O.H.O(hop on hop off) checkpoint n its like in the middle of the parking lot and REALLY REALLY HOTOTOTT!i feel like a bacon being fried.haha.lame.

wel anyways,i went home wth balqis today.there was a total misunderstanding from ysterday.the resit balqis's sis gave us to do our kire2 on was the one she needed to enroll in uitm today! when balqis asked me whre the resit was,i told her its in my drawer at her mum send me home to fetch the resit.and of course,i didnt go back to sch after tht(obviously).

so thts just about wht happened today.

ouh yeah one more thng,i was jage-ing the checkpoint wth another 4 people.2 form 6 girls,a form 5 dude n a form 3 dude.the form 5 dude(his name is firdaus or smethng) WAS TOTALLY FUCKINGLY ANNOYING.he acts as if he's the leader n he fucking owns the checkpoint.commandng people to do this n seriously,WHAT THE FUCK LA.i am openly cursing bcos i am soooo pissed wth him.he acts like a stupid bossy snob.pfft i really felt like kicking his ASS when he practically yelled at me to wtch the participant's freaking feet.I KNOW WHT I HAVE TO DO JERK.whts ur right to yell at me huh?jerk,jerk,JERKKKK!!

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