Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day?

today is valentines day.14th february is valentines is valentines day.
AND i dont have a,
HOW COOL IS THAT?lol.i thnk its cooler to celebrate valentines wth ur is after all,about appreciating is isnt it?teehee.

i saw ainie n azer(the only couple in our class) exchanging chocolates.i was,of course staring in awe n jealousy bcos the situation was like,sooo sweeet!err.NOT tht i want a bf or anythng.but i did do smethng for valentines.i gave a chocolate muffin to fadhil!
amy pestered me into doing it and i was like,whtteheck.tht wud surely make fadlee satisfied.(he has since last week said that i had 'somethng' wth serious lahh.pfft.)it strted wth the woot2 thng as u may have read about.NOW fadlee calls fadhil woot2 n fadhil's weet2.ROFL.thnks to azer for the weet2 part."eh,ko kan woot2.kite pggel padel weet2 lah." den he hyperly goes."padel!aku pggil ko weet2 eh.sbb skandal ko dah woot2."THAT,is how it weird azer's brain the choco muffin to fadhil was funeee.first he saw amy's muffin.then he looked at me n suddenly ask,"mane mafin aku?" bcos before this amy ws like telling him,"padel!tka nak bgi ko smethng sempene valentines day."THNKYOU AMY FOR TELLING THE WHOLE CLASS.hahaha.when he asked tht,i handed him the muffin n(THIS IS THE BEST PART),fadlee saw us doing so and he was like SOO FREAKIN EXCITED n yelled "HUYOO!WOOT2 BGI MAFIN KAT WEET2!"i was laughing my ass off by then looking at fadlee's hyperr expression.mann today was so much fun.well monday was fun too.bcos i got belanja-ed! fadhil. xD he belanja-ed me 5kopok leko n a milo kotak.bcos i pestered him.LMAOO.well,i didnt REALLY pester him.i was just like,joking laa."eh bile ko nak blnje aku?" and he was like,"yela2 aku blnje ko hrini." WOOTS! :D so i got free milo n kopok leko on monday.i guess the muffin was kind of a thnkyou token lah.tehehe.

and the most surprising thing happened todayy!

im currently having flu fyi and i feel soo weak class i just like,melepek on the table n closed my eyes while inhaling the vicks inhaler.den fadlee saw me being all parah n he actually said,"ko ni.jgnla mkan aes bnyk sgt.kan dah seleseme."i was like,is this a nicer side of fadlee tht i have yet to see?woahh.i was so lembek i didnt reply his bebeling n i just stared at him and shrugged.then he continued,"kalo ko tido pon xpayah psang kipas kuat2.ko pakai je aircond." i managed a sengih n den went back to never knew tht fadlee was quite caring towards his friends.well,this just goes to show tht u shud neverr JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.hehe.

ANDD i won 2nd place in public speaking!and my team got 2nd place in the BM's forum thingy!i wonder if i have some kind of connection wth no2. O.O

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