Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What happened totay,

fadlee calls me 'wootwoot' which is YES,a bit irritating.but i dont mind much lah.just wootwoot wut.bahaha.ainie said "eh,cute ape wootwoot.mcm bunyi brung hntu!" -.-"

it strted when meor saw my comment to fadhil(they say i have a scandal wth him.like wtf.haha.) in which i typed two words only,WOOTWOOT! so know u know whre the wootwoot-ing came from.meor kecohh. xD in class fadle was like,"wootwoot!pnjam gam.","wootwoot!nombo 7 ape?","wootwoot!aku nk dtg merisek ptang ni." fadlee is sooo full of craps.but he's REAL funny.u can laugh all day hearing never-heard-before things that he managed to make up.like today,in est(I LOBEE EST) teacher vasuki called me,melissa n zul up front cos we're the only ones who raised our hands when she asked us "who knows what miming means?" and sooo,yes u guessed right!teacher suroh us do a little miming in front of the whole class.mel and i were giggling like crazy bcos mimers are like so funny n weird n neither of us can imagine ourself doing that kind of thing.soo teacher suroh us to stop laughing bcos she wants to give us the situation.

the situation was,


mel gets to be an old lady whose 'cuckoo' already.seriously i was laughing so hard cos i really cant imagine melissa being cuckoo-ish LOL.i get to be the old lady's gran daughter n guess whts zul's character?he gets to be a door!A FREAKIN DOOR FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!we laughed so heard we had tears in our eyesokay thts the character.so here's wht happened.zul stood in the middle facing the door cos yeah,he's a DOOR.lmao lmao lamooo!so i went 'into' the door and strted sweeping and cleaning the house and evrythng.when ive fnshed,i put all the garbage into the plastik smpah n then i went out the DOOR and put the garbge bag at the corner of the classroom.then came melissa's part,the cuckoo grandmother!haha.she came in cuckoo-ishly and took the grbage bag.she went thru the door and opened the bag.then she strted to spread the grbage all over the room tht ive just cleaned!naughty naughty melissa. xD zul was so static n HEAVY as a door,me n mel have to practically tug his shirt so ththe 'opens'.wht a stubborn door lol.ogeh back to the miming.then after melissa has scattered the grbage,she ran out of the 'room' n went back into her room.then i walked back in the 'room' and pretended to be shocked when i saw tht grbage was scattered.n soo being a good grandaughter i cleaned the mess again.mind yew,all of this was done wthout a single sound coming from us.most of the sounds came from azer fadlee n balqis who were laughing like hyenas lmao.then after ive fnshed cleaning the 'room' for the 2nd time,i put the grbage back at the same place n then went into hiding to catch the 'garbage scatterer' LOL.then mel came tip-toe ing into the 'room' and i slowly followed her.as she was strting to scatter the grbage again,i kinda pounced on her and she goes,"ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!" like a real scream!her voice came outlah.hahaha.(so much fer mimers xD).i guess she was really shocked when i pounced lol.then i 'scolded' her using sign laguages which looked stupid n fadlee was laughing like,"HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!" ehh so annoyinglah!haha.after tht then they all clapped and mrs vasuki asked the class, "who played their role paling real?"
THE WHOLE CLASS answered "ZUL!PINTU PINTU!" lol it was so damn funny lahh!seriously u shud have been there the ud laugh ur ass off like i did.hehe.then came the 2nd question,"do u understand what the acting was about?" then fadlee answered,"pintu yang berat!" LMFAOOO ROFLL!!!zul's face was like soo bengang lah.he looks as if he's chop off fadlee head n feed it to the dogs.

okay okay i know i suck as a narrator but seriousleh,the situation was dangg funny! :D

ohkeh my fingers are swollen alredeh.also inez wnts to read this post fast fast.here you go inez! xD

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