Sunday, February 24, 2008


i wonder whts so great about being tall.i AM tall n i dont feel great at all.i even feel weird n out of place sometimes bcos of my height.i am currently 170cm.whts tht,5'7 or 5'8?bahh.who cares.but still,i wanna be a wee shortahh.

tomorrow's mencapub day.YESS.hahaha.ckgu dina picked a few studs from my class n i got pickedd!next week is the,uhh,math n science week or smethng like tht.n we have to do weird experiments in FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL,during the assembly.i am so freaked out thnking tht im gonna mess up. O.O im paired wth balqis,boy is wth fadlee,azer wth fadhil,and ainie n ziera are the explainators(is thre such word?).we even get to skip like,3 classes last friday to test wether the experiments work or,how grreat is tatt? *lazy ass*

i dont thnk im supposed to be chemistry notes arent finished yet n i have like,20 tonnes of exercises waiting to be done.I CANT COPE WITH HARD WORK.ARGHHHH.huih.okay okay.breath in,breath out.i thnk ill have to make a few targets for this year,SPM year:
  • finish all my homework in time(NO COPYING FROM FADHIL. xD)
  • REVISE all the lessons taught.(i wonder if i have enuf time..)
  • DO NOT waste time myspace-ing.(like im gonna do tht)
  • do ALL my revision books until the current chapters.(my brain will explode)
  • i will FORBIDE myself to much on junkfoods.(ARGHHHH!)
  • pay attention in class n stop thnking about CRUSHES.(mann this is gonna be the hardest.)
  • go to physics tuition to STUDY,not just to sit beside tht SOGILEBABENGHOTTGUY.(how can i not?)
  • make mummy and daddy happy and proud of me. :)
i soooo wanna make mummy n daddy happy n proud of me.since i seldom do there u go, a few resolutions of mine for this year.wish me luck on achieveing it. :D

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