Thursday, February 7, 2008


i thnk i have like,soo many thngs i wanna write in here but when i start writing,nothng whtsoever comes out.shucksss.
ouh wait.i thnk somethngs coming on to me..
ill babble about my first day everrr doing a spotcheck!

cool eyh.hahaha.well last tuesday balqis(i am somehow beginning to get vairyy close to balqis lol) ajak-ed me to join her bwat spotcheck dkat f3 cekal,3 aktif n 3 somethng.i can rmmber.theres like too many i went,just to see whts it like being on the prefect's side.the main purpose of ths spotcheck is to tgkap an indian prefect red handed since the discipline teacher gets sooo many complaints saying the indian guy like,brings his hp EVERY SINGLE DAY to school.but guess wht?we didnt found it.which was a totall letdown.aihh.but we did confiscate a LOT of thngs like deodorants,bracelets,pwetty pwetty bangles, and an mp3.soo we were going back to our class when encik kamar(the discipline teach) told us to do 5 cekal.and soo we did.
i searched the bags wth mel.just thoroghly cos the smell is like,EWW.and THEN,mel came up wth a bag,a plstic bag stuffed wth a sweaty tshirt and a tracksuit.melissa was soo against checking tht plastic bag out so i voluntereed to do it.heh.i didnt like,plunge my fingers into the back okay,just tekan2 from luar onlyy.SUDDENLY,i felt smethng hardlike at the bottom of the bag.followed by another hard smthng at the side of the i looked in and guess wht i saw?
A FRIGGIN PHONE AND TWO KOTAKS OF CIGARETTES.i was so shockedd i tell yew.i took em out and saw mel's mouth wide open(the shock apparently was transferred to mel ).so i took em to encik kamar n upon seeing the 2 kotaks of rokok,his voice boomed, "NI SIAPE PUNYE NI??"i ws like,"uhh.saye jumpe dlm beg ni ckgu.tktaw sape pnye."so i strted asking the boys,"sape pnye beg ni?"then they all like pointed to ths HOTTT guy and said it was his.i was thnking "eww.thres no use of hving a cutee face if ur lungs are not cute." wtf.haha.then encik kamar told the cute guy(nor afiq.or smthng)o follow him to the office.of course being busybodys me,mel and balqis followed them.teehee.wht i understood from the conversation was,HE WAS GONNA BE EXPELLED. O.O partly bcos of my finding the cigars.omg i was soo freaked out tht time cos i suddenly tot like,wht if he gangs up and beat me to death??arghhhh.but takesah la.i know god will protect me. :)

okay my fingers are soreee.but im still in the mood to write more.HAHAHA.not tht anybodys gonna read this since its too freakin long.but wttheheck. :D

umm,err.i dunno wht i wanna type about anymore le.haha.cakap lebeh budak ni. xD

ow yeah.i entered an essay writing competition themed 'TEACHERS'.and i havent strted yet.bahh.i have no idea ler.BLAME MY ENGLISH TEACHERR!she suruh me join teh competiton. -.-"

well i thnk thts enuf for gonna go strt on the essay!wish me luck bebeh.teehee.
tata peeps. :)

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