Friday, February 29, 2008


I just feel like blogging.i feel like theres so many thngs i wanna type.but when i strt typing,nothng whtsoever comes it.ouh THE IRONY.huh.

this week has been okay,if u count out the major embarresment i had on monday.u know the experiment thingy i was gonna do on monday.well,when i was about to go on stage,i stepped on my baju kurung's kaen n guess what happened?I FELL FLAT ON MY FACE IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE BLARDY was so fuckin embarresing i tell you.EVRYONE was laughing their ass off.n then when i was trying to open the small umbrella for the air preassure experiment,i pointed it the wrong way n it ended up my nose.AGAIN,IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL.i seriously feel like commiting suicide after the assembly.a few of the fucking insensitive boys were like yelling,"WOI MALU LA JATOH!".but i pretended not to hear them n i kept my cool until i reach class.i broke down upon reaching my chair.i was crying gile babi punye crying bcos i feel so embarresed to face teh whole school.i even considered changing schools lmao.but the teasings get lesser n lesser friday,which is today,ALMOST nobody ejek me anymore.oh i forgot to tell you,as a result from the fall,i currently have 3 vairy painful bruises on my right leg n a BIG FAT one on my left leg.i was walking like some kind of cripple on monday. O.O

the prefect interview was on wednesday.n i wasnt fucking i totally screwed up.i are a list of my mistakes:
  • i was wearing a brooch.(students are NOT allowed to wear brooches,whtsmore a prefect?)
  • i wasnt wearing an anak tudung.(whaaat,i havent wore it wince i was in form 2 nyehh.)
  • i was wearing eyeliner.(ive been wearing it since i was in form 3 HAHAHA.)
  • i wasnt prepared so i forgot the ikrar.(like damn,tht sashikala girl was so getting on my nerves wth her extra bossy attitude.ANNOYENG MUCH.)
  • i didnt lipat my tudung.(okay this is so unreasonable.the ckgu like,FORCED me to lipat my tudung which i havent done since i was STANDARD la ckgu?u have no right whtsoever to chnge my appearance okay?idc if i have to pay the price of not being a prefect.i STILL DOWAN TO LIPAT MY TUDUNG!!image-chnger.pfft.)
and so,i thnk there is a 000000.1% tht im going to be appointed ad a prefect.n u know wht?i dont thnk i wanna be a prefect born to break the rules,not to follow i wanna quite as the pengawas percubaan.the only thng is,im scared to my wits of the guru pengawas.she's like a lioness mah. -.-" so fucking garang.n if i tell her i wanna quite thres a VERY BIG possibility tht im gonna be scolded up to my ass.risky eh?ahh,i dunno whtodo. :X

today the march test strted!the papers for today are bahasa n gonna flunk bahasa,i KNEW it.but thres still hope on my english paper.this i know oso.teehee.

andd,my birthday is just 11 days away!i really dunno wht to ask for this year.i got a phone last year,and a trip to aussie the year before tht,and a phone 2 years ago.but this year,im so blur lah. O.O help me find wht to mintak dekat my parents anyone? :D

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