Thursday, February 14, 2008


i HATE having flu.its like ive lost one of my senses(of cos lahh).i cant smell,i cant taste.i currently using a vicks inhaler n my nose is burningg.n i thnk its somehow swollen.even if its not obvious.but it hurtss.someone take away my nose pain,please? :D

a random song,

its raining its pouring,
the old man is snoring,
he went to bed n bumped his head,
n cudnt get up in the morning.

i dnt know why i typed just feels rite.hahaha.ahh i just fnished sneezing 4 times in a flu is getting worsee bcos i cant stop drinking cold waterr.teehee.

i want my phoneee.BOOHOO i dont have a phone anymoree.okay okay ive gotten used to it.but i really really miss having a phone.i feel like im cut off from my frens when i dont have a phone. O.O dontcare lah.wait another 9 months then i can overuse my phone again.HIPHIPHURRAY! :D

seriously im supposed to be doing exercises on9.bahaha.but im in no such i blog lah.blogging is improves your writing ability. xD

i havent gone shopping for a while.bcos im not allowed to go out and bcos im broke.i NEED to shop lah.wait till my brthdays here.ill be getting MONEH$$ from my parents,my brotherr n my sister in law.ill TOTALLEH go on a shopping spree then.and finish all the money in one day!hahaha! *evil shopaholic laugh*

okay lets shift moods LOL.the photography session was so cool!each class had 3 snaps.n the cameraman's like so hott lah.i cant stop glancing at him once in a while.hehehe. *gatal face*
our last shot was somewhat an informal one.for me,mel n balqis tht is.hehe.balqis asked the hot dude, "yang last shot ni boleh pose tak?" n the hott dude was like, "suke hati korg laa." but i thnk ths cnversation was only heard by me,mel n balqis bcos we were the only ones who posed lmaoo.
we did a not-very-sensual-but-still-promiscuous-looking pose.(inspired from mel xD) i had my hand on mel's shoulder,mel has her hand on mine n balqis was striking a pose tht looked as if she was half hugging mel from behind n half facing front.a really weird pose. :D the three of us were in the middle so i thnk it made a vairy nice+unique+pwetty shot.i hope.hehehe.

this post is so randomly running out of random ideas for this random

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