Friday, February 8, 2008

no title can arh?

I went to ou wth meme,lin n tyah totayy.well basically just to buy a notepad,graph papers and pens.but i ended up buying a lot BORN a shopaholic.OYEAHH! :D
after we've fnshed buying our stuffs in popular we went to mcd kiosk for mcflurriess!YUMyumYUM,andd guess whts beside the kiosk?
YES!the know,the photo booth thngys.
so tyah was like, "eh hampa,jom tgkp gambaq nk?"
and we wre like, "jom ahh!"
lol it was so xciting bcos ive never went photo-boothing wth my sisters before.
its only the 4 of us.
so it was kinda easy to squish ourselves into the not-too-big booth.
here are some of the totally retarded pictures we took:

tyah my evil sister KINDLY placed a friggin cigar at my mouth.pfft.

from left;tka,lin,meme and tyah.
flower time? O.O

wtf thres a crown on my face. -.-"
look on the bright side!thres also shit on lin's head. xD

ANDD my most most favourite one..

I look somewaht stupid doing a puffy face. :|
but who cares,the pictures perfect! :D

well i thnk thts all for todayy.(i just wanna show the pictures really.hehe)

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