Sunday, February 17, 2008


I finished my EST project!and i thnk it looks okay.a little too colourful but wtheheck lah. :D
plus teacher told us to make our project STAND IN THE CROWD.mine totally does lol.i spend a whole day gluing,cutting,colouring,crayoning.the hardest part was cutting the kotak bcos i wanna paste my kad sugar paper to smethng hard so it doesnt,err,wilt or smethng like that.and soo,i HAVE TO CUT A FREAKING BOX damn hard i tell youh.the box was so hard n it was so hard cutting it.get wht i mean?hahaha.lamee.this thing tht im making is like a hanging one.the one u usually see in protest where thres two sides n thres a rope connecting the person who wears them have to like,stuck his head between the two ropes n so the two sides of the cardborad hangs perfectly on his body!okay i suck at explaining but maybe ull understand better with picturess. :D

the one thts gonna be on the front.

i know i SUCK at drawing so please dont critise it. :|
i also know that its kind of senget n weird looking.
but who cares.hehehe. xD

the one thts gonna be on the back.
i lobeee the cption.found it on the net lol.
shhh. xD
told ya its a tad TOO colourful
but the more attractive it is,the BETTAH! :D

the ropes tht connects them.
wtf even the rope is calahfull. xD

and we're supposed to parade aroung the school wearing these hanging things.(of course wth our baju sukan inside.wht dya thnk we'll be naked on the inside?lmaoo) O.O
arrghh.but thres no escaping teachers vasuki's cluthches.she'll haunt u to hell if u dont fnish any work she gave you.ESPECIALLY this thng for the GREEN DAY.shuckss.i wanna bring a camera so i can show you how stupid i predict ill look on tht day,(which is on THIS wednesday.2 DAYS dead.dead.dead.)ouh well,wish me luck wth the GREEN DAY.cos ill be needing a lot of it. -.-"

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