Friday, December 12, 2008


sometimes,i think im the only sane one in the sisters are FAR from hitting Sane Ville and ditto wth my brother.if u put my parents aside laa haha.

tomorrows the graduation segi college.and i have no idea wht to wear oO
i dont wanna wear the usual bju kurung.nmpk like,selekeh lah.a kebaya wud look to diva-ish.mel wants to wear the grad robe on top and nothing underneath.she's one of my sama-sama pervert friends btw xD

and lee's gone wth the wind.or should i say,THE ICE CREAM COMPANY.i hate herr for deserting me for four whole days!like who the hell will i talk to in ym?and share pctures?and and.(sorry lee i just cant thnk of anythng else we usually do HAHA)im gonna rot i tell you,ROOTT.

today got de jamuan kelas at pizzahut.and there was a lucky number got picked n i got a rm10 top up!woot-woot!boy dgn meor tak aci like hell okay.they both get two hadiahs.screw themm.well i wasnt rly expecting to get anythng bcause i am barely lucky during i thnk its stupid.(unless i get somethng laa hehehe)

after tht we went bowling at the curve.boys against girls.the boyr were leading wth almost 100 marks like swt -.-" i striked twice and half striked once.haha.i lah penyumbang kepada markah kumpulan kami.bqis was barely bowling.when it was her turn she wud just noncholantly roll(YESS PEOPLE,ROLL) the ball toward the white wasnt really a bad tactic since she almost striked haha.nek was DE DEWA OF BOWLING.he striked practically every single time!
so ninit and blqis were both pissed at how the good the boys were that they decided to 'tolong' bowlingkan when the boys lmbat ambil bola for their turn.haha first i sucked also lah.waaaat it was my SECOND time bowling okay.the first time i did boy tot me to,uh,straightkan tgn when u baling the ball and tadaaa!suddenly i sudah pandai wan.then i tot amy how to baling the ball tiba-tiba i jadi stupid kembali.heavy dumb balls.and the shoes were really hideous too.boy got the most hideous-est shoes bcause his feet were too big for the normal size ones.haha cacat-ed.

mum and da went to bandung ysterday and THEY LEFT ME HOME.i am so neglected.*wipes tear wth ysterday's shirt* they said nnt 'budak-budak' ikut jadi leceh and heloo,I AM SO GOING ON EIGHT practically an adult!physically anyway.mentally i thnk im still 5 or 6 yrs old.*blinks innocently*

and aunt bah came back a few days case u didnt kno,she's my 49 year old aunt who lives somewhere near bratford ever since she graduated.she's a pedeatrician who specializes in x-rays or smthng.her comabck was highly anticipated by me bcause evrytime she comes back she'd give evryone their own marks and spencers big choclate bars!and id save it for half a year lol.hey bukan senang mau dpt imported choclate flown from uk via a close relative ok.*chocolate snob*

oh i nearly forgot.amy went to ou ysterday and she bot me this gorgeous forever 21 dress.its brown wth sort of huge buttons at the front.i loooooooooooooooved it.thnkyou my :)

oh god its so so so boring kill kill die die punya tahap to stay at home all day and do nthg.suddenly i rasa like i wanna study bio.HAHAHA.konon rajin.but seriously.boring tahap ganja laahh outings are restricted i thnk next monday ill work wth daddt at his companeh.jadi office girl.(HAHA KOPI PUN TAK TAHU BANCUH BUDAK NI) or just simply jalan-jalan and get to know the staff.and since most of them are foreigners i guess i wont be talking in malay.eeeekk frankly i dont really like hearing myself speak stutter like hell and sound so like kampung.(saya bukan mahu offend org-org kmpung haa) hish i just cant imagine myself pursuing my tertiary education.klip-klip im all grown up and ready to get married.HEHAHE.

ok stop stop before i go and ramble about my female intuitions.haha.geli-geli sungguh.

ah i wanna start work.if i dont start next week u cyber slap me lah people.*makes nyah nyah face*

ok mahu prgi find smthng to eat.until bila-bila i rajin nak update,babai.

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