Wednesday, December 3, 2008


geez i just get so freaked with those,uh,loving couples i see in,huh?half of those girls hadn't even had their periods yet and they're groping boys here and there.have some self respect will you.if youre not gonna respect urself then who will ah.

wht i get most geli-fied wth;

  • the NAME,pet name,bb,cyg,ucuk2,adik,manje,shenta(WTF PPL?).i can undoubtly puke if my eyes just happened to set itself on one of those words mentioned above.yeurgh.
  • and god,the DEVOTION.this is getting out of you like,HAVE TO have ur bf/gf's picture as your page's BACKGROUND?i dont call tht love.i call that being DISGUSTINGLY UBER OBSESSED.yeaahhh.
  • the ANNOUNCEMENT.yea the way they have the word "im taken." plastered all over their pictures.wha..?hello ur obvi doing the wrong thing and ur PROUD of it?ppl,get a life.cos u are seriously in need of one.
  • the WARNINGS.they way they write thngs like,"he's mine!back off bitches!" and "die kite punye.jgn amek die dri kite!" OHMYGOOOOOOODDD.ur not even engaged for heaven's sake!so stop being so (oh i know you are) clingy.
  • the COMMENTS.this,i cannot read.theyre full of "i syg u i syg u." oh god im so yucky-fied i dont even wanna say anythng anymore.if u have brains,u wud know wht right is from wrong.u wud know wht u can do or wht ur not allowed to do duh.
that is,if you HAVE brains.

dont be judgemental.this post doesnt mean tht im being discriminative against couples.wait.yeah i thnk i am lol.just got confused a bit.AIKA IS VERY DISCIMINATIVE AGAINST YUCKISH AND GELI-FIED make sure you dont cross her sight ok?*does the friendly but-if-you-screw-me-ill-screw-u-bak-REAL-BAD smile*

all in all,
apa salahnya jalan sorang kan?

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