Sunday, December 21, 2008


its my 100th post!i am now an officially certified blogger lol.i sorta said to myself that ill have to reach a 100 posts before i can call myself a blogger.i know,lame.but thts just me :D

apologies for the lack of posts recently.ive just been rly rly tired working(yes ppl,i WORK!) and by the time i get home the only thng visible to me is my bed and the kitchen of course.a girls gotta eat ya know.

yes back to the working part.ive only started last working wth daddy if u have to know.haha.supposedly office hourlah.but since he's the big guy and i have to go to work wth him or else i dont have any transportation,i usually go to work at 1130 and ill be back home by 530/6 advantage when ur working wth ur dad.the salary is,okaylaahh.three just so totally die if he gives me a four figured salary been okay so far.ive been making invoices,filling ppl's claim form yada yada yada.u know the usual office works.i just currently discovered that my butt has the ability to get all cramped up if it has to sit on one place for 6-7 hours lol.everytime i bgun from my seat id be walking like a butt-crippled victim.oh the tortures of i know how hard it is to cari sesuap nasi for the family.i feel your pain oh office workers!

and i have a new theory on brothers.they are nothing but a waste of space,flesh and,uh,bones(??).yeah i had a fight wth my brother(obviously wthout physical contact) and i hadnt talked to him in 5 days.this is the first time i had set my ego level to be this high heh.i know its very inappropriate to not talk to ur siblings for about a week but i just have had it with him!his mouth ah,seriously very laser.i secretly thnk its sharper than that thngy they use to fight in star wars.laser beam? laser sowrds?i did remember it has the laser word innit tho.uh,it does,does it?well yeah and thts why ive been pissed wth him for 5 whole days.everytime i see him ill just look somewhere else and act as if he's not there HAHAHA.padan muka kau abang jahat.hey dont blame me for being ego he's been ignoring me too okay.hah suka hati kau lah.tak heraaaann.and the fact that he rarely sleeps here doesnt rly,my brother is married wth a 2 year old son.and hell he still acts like a bloody 5 year old.oh god id trade him for a thousand ringgit shopping voucher conclusion,different sex-ed siblings CANNOT live together in harmony because both will suffer from the other's wrath.oh how i wished i was an only child.or at least wth a twin.a hot brother twin tht evryone oggles on.WOOOOOOTTSSSS!

ughh this dumb television is very noisy lah.*whacks meme's head wtha club for switching it on*

uhh i cant rly write,i mean,type in a very noisy i guess ill end my post on the word photosynthesis.


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